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Madeleine McCann: Mrs Amaral, Kate McCann And Baby Jesus

goncolo-amaralMADDIE WATCH: Special Fury Edition. – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann – Today the Sunday Express has chatting thigns over with Goncalo Amaral’s wife, Sophia.


James Murray speaks not for a nation but for a woman:

THE wife of Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral has denied they are locked in a personal battle with Kate and Gerry McCann and has spoken of their pity for the distraught couple.

Pity? But surely the McCanns want only their daughter. And for Mrs Amaral’s husband not to write any more books that speculate on what could have happened to their daughter..?

“Everyone thinks we are fighting the McCanns but this is not true. I tell people all the time that they are having to endure the hardest pain in the world, which is losing a child.”

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Phillip Garrido Knows Charles Manson

phillip-garrido-51JAYCEE Lee Dugard: Who is Phillip Garrido, kidnapper of Jaceyee Lee Dugard? Why, they say he is a monster. He is Charles Manson. He is Fred West. He is Josef Fritzl. He is whoever took Madeleine McCann.

You find out what he is here, by listening to his words. Or else you can read the mainstream media, and discover that Phillip Garrido is whatever the media say he is:

Charles Manson

…with his dark, remorseless eyes, skeletal features, receding hairline and thin lips, Phillip Garrido resembles an altogether different type of monster: the mass murderer Charles MansonDavid Jones

Fred West & Friends

There are lessons to be learnt from the case of Phillip Garrido — the same ones we should have learnt from the cases of Wolfgang Priklopil, Josef Fritzl, Marc Detroux, or Fred and Rosemary West Stefanie Marsh

Maddy’s Mystery ‘Nappers

US ‘Maddy’ turns up 18 years after her abduction – The blonde, blue-eyed girl was 11 years old when she was abducted from outside her home near Lake Tahoe, California – Chris Ayres

Herr Fritzl

11-year-old girl kidnapped and abused by US Fritzl found alive after 18 years – Anton Antonowicz

Phillip Garrido is, well, Phillip Garrido. Just as Jaycee Lee Dugard is her own person. Unless the media wants an easy story, in which case make your assumptions…

Full Gallery of Jaycee Lee Dugard story so farhere.

Jaycee Lee Dugard Lived On Propofol, Cigarettes And Cola

Full Text Of Phillip Garrido’s Jail Radio Interview

Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Prison In Pictures

The Story Of Jaycee Dugard And Phillip Garrido, In Pictures

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The Most Bizarre Father’s Day Gifts Ever, With Incest, Nudity And Police

ANORAK presents the Most Bizarre Father’s Day Gifts Ever, featuring incest, police visits and nudity…

The nude dinner:


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Josef Fritzl Named Top 50 Dad For Father’s Day

fritzl-bookNOTHING says I love you daddy this father day better than Josef Fritlz’s book.

The Sun says:

HIGH Street giants WH Smith were blasted yesterday for plugging a book on cellar monster Josef Fritzl as a FATHER’S DAY gift. Appalled shoppers could not believe their eyes when they saw it on a “Top 50 Books for Dad” display which also proclaimed “Dads Are Heroes”.

Dad Ian Bennett: “What person in their right mind would want to be reminded of that monster on Father’s Day?”

Rowena Langlois: “It seems like some kind of sick joke. Has anyone in the company actually sat down and thought about this?”

Another shopper: “No thanks — I’ll be sticking to the pipe and slippers for my dad.”

Concerned Mum: “I shielded my eyes from the book and looking around for help what did I see but cigarettes on sale. WH Smiths. More like WTF! Smiths!”

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A Short History Of Barack Obama’s Moustache

obama-moustacheIS that a moustache of power on Barack Obama’s top lip? In Egypt, Obama sported some facial hair.

In 2007, Anorak wrote:

The last time a bald politician was elected to Number 10 was Winston Churchill in 1951 – and he was up against the equally receded Clement Attlee. One other thing to note is that none of the Presidential hopefuls sports facial hair.

Might it be time one of them did? You know, to strand out from the crowd…
And lo it came to pass that Obama did grow a moustache.

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Josef Fritzl’s Devil Face Exposed

FRITZL Watch: The Josef Fritzl Devil mask…

Dear Anorak,

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Austrian Restaurant Removes Josef Fritzl Schnitzel

FRITZL Watch: After the blue binder an the film, the Josef Fritzl inspires the Fritzl Schnitzl…

Austrian press reports that Josef Otzelberger, landlord of the restaurant “Hirschenstube” in St. Poelten, planned to offer his hungry guests the “Fritzl Schnitzel” (9 Euros per Schnitzel) during the week of the trial.

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Josef Fritzl’s Blue Binder Talks

FRITZL Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at media treatment of Josef Fritzl – the case of the blue binder

With none of the massed ranks of hacks allowed inside the courtroom, what can they talk about? Let’s see..

Daily Mirror: “31 years with my father the monster, BY ELISABETH FRITZL.”

As front-page scoops go this one’s right up there with the best of them. How did the Mirror manage to get Josef Fritzl’s tortured daughter in an interview, and with her in the middle to a trial, and all?

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Josef Fritzl Case To Be A Film

FRITZL Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at media treatment of Josef Fritzl – the film, the jury and the stench…

The case is being heard behind closed doors, away from the media. The court sits at 9am local time. Court spokesman Franz Cutka told one and all that due to the sensitivity of the trial, no details of the proceedings could be released. Which means news is sourced in a daily press briefing.

Everyone gets the same news. But how will it be framed..?

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Josef Fritzl Pleads Sanity

FRITZL Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at media treatment of Josef Fritzl…

Fritzl has pleaded guilty to rape and incest but not guilty to enslavement and murder – the murder charge relates to the neglect of one of his daughter’s children.

The Sun: “Cellar fiend hides his face”

He’s the “dungeon dad

CELLAR fiend Josef Fritzl hid his evil face behind a blue file today as he admitted rape – but denied killing one of his grandchildren. The beast shielded himself from reporters as he faced a raft of charges including murder, rape, incest, coercion, false imprisonment and enslavement.

Daily Mail: “Cellar monster Fritzl hides his face in shame as he admits: ‘I did rape my daughter but I didn’t murder her child’”

The murder charge relates to a child which died in infancy in 1996 whose body Fritzl burned in the wood-burning stove of the family home. Prosecutors allege the baby might have survived if Fritzl had arranged for medical care.

Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his daughter, Elisabeth, has confessed to keeping her in a windowless dungeon beneath the family home for 24 years, where he raped her more than 3,000 times.


Two protesters outside the court in St Poelten west of Vienna, carried baby dolls smeared in fake blood as a media scrum descended on the small town.

Daily Mirror: “Hide And Sick”

Evil cellar monster hides behind blue ring binder as trial begins


Escorted by six policemen and dressed in a light grey, checked jacket and dark grey trousers

The Times: “Sketch: Josef Fritzl cuts a shrivelled figure in Austrian courtroom”

As Josef Fritzl was led into a wood panelled Austrian courtroom, he seemed a shrivelled figure. For his re-entry into the world after almost a year of pre-trial arrest, he held a blue ring binder over his face, a visor against the flashbulbs of photographers but also an ancient symbol of shame…

And the face — so tanned when he abandoned his entombed family for a month to take a month’s holiday in Thailand — was parchment yellow, a prison complexion…

And Austria:

Judge Andrea Hummer speaking on a podium that bore a wooden cross and two candles — almost like an altar piece — stressed that the trial would assess crimes committed against members of a family, “Not of a region, let alone a whole nation.”

Austria, in other words, was not in the dock. Only Josef Fritzl.

Austria. Nazis.

In time we will learn his name and hear how his Austrian upbringing (here, here, here and here)  and Nazishere, here, here and here) and his beach towel contributed to his crimes.

Meanwhile, Lorraine Kelly noted:

“The British police should have a massive recruitment drive and set up a special unit to search every single cellar in their entire country. Who knows what more vile horrors would be revealed.”

Break into homes. Smash doors. Shatter glass. It’s what the Nazis would have wanted…

Meanwhile, in Britain

Daily Telegraph: “Josef Fritzl blames ‘troubled childhood’ for his incest”

Speaking in a thick local Austrian dialect, he said: “I did not have a good relationship with my mother.

“She used to stop me having any friends. I wasn’t allowed any independence at all until I was 12, but I did manage to have one secret friend and that friend bitterly let me down.

“Then I decided I did not want any friends after that.

“I had a very troubled childhood and at times I was taken away and put into a foster home.”

Create excuses. Create a cordon sanitaire to protect the mind from the truth. I was produt of the time, of events. You would have done the same had you been me…

His lawyer Rudolf Mayer told the court: “My client is not a monster. He is a man who wanted a second family and wanted to care for that second family.

“If it was just rape, sexual lust, then he wouldn’t have wanted children, or he could have used contraception. Or if he just didn’t care and had the children, he could have just got rid of them.

“But this was a man who cared for his family and spent Christmas with them.”

The eight-man jury will be expected to deliver its verdict on March 20.

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Sheffield Rapist: Britain’s Josef Fritzl Is A Uniquely British Crime

HAVING been told that Josef Fritzl’s crimes could only happen in Austria, Ben Macintyre tells Times readers that the Sheffield man who made his two daughters pregnant 19 times – Britain’s Fritzl – is essentially a tale of Britishness.

The man had “an acute understanding of how modern British society can sometimes fail to see the most glaring crimes”.

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Britain’s Josef Fritzl Was Raised In Austria

JOSEF Fritzl is here. The Mirror leads with news of “BRITAIN’S FRITZL”, a man who raped his two daughters.

The 56-year-old businessman from Sheffield, who cannot be named for legal reasons, fathered nine of his own grandchildren.

But he must have a Germanic name, right. If we’ve learned anything from the Fritzl story it is that his were uniquely Austrian crimes.

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Josef Fritzl To Be Eaten By German Cannibal

JOSEF Fritzl is the subject of the greatest Daily Star line of all time:

Beneath the headline: “YOU’LL BE SCHNITZEL, FRITZL…” readers learn:

INCEST monster Josef Fritzl is fighting plans to lock him away in a psychiatric prison with a brain-eating cannibal who hates paedophiles.

Cannibals hate paedos. But is it good to hate your food? Isn’t love better? Do vegetarians hate carrots and nuts? Do fisheaters hate cod?

Twisted Robert Ackermann – who killed his flatmate and gobbled his brains – flew into a rage when he heard about Fritzl’s crimes.

Now Fritzl is convinced the German cannibal plans to turn him into Fritzl-schnitzel.

“I could murder a steak, literally, because I hate cows,” says the man in the restaurant. “Cows are pure evil”…

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