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Josef Fritzl Named Top 50 Dad For Father’s Day

fritzl-bookNOTHING says I love you daddy this father day better than Josef Fritlz’s book.

The Sun says:

HIGH Street giants WH Smith were blasted yesterday for plugging a book on cellar monster Josef Fritzl as a FATHER’S DAY gift. Appalled shoppers could not believe their eyes when they saw it on a “Top 50 Books for Dad” display which also proclaimed “Dads Are Heroes”.

Dad Ian Bennett: “What person in their right mind would want to be reminded of that monster on Father’s Day?”

Rowena Langlois: “It seems like some kind of sick joke. Has anyone in the company actually sat down and thought about this?”

Another shopper: “No thanks — I’ll be sticking to the pipe and slippers for my dad.”

Concerned Mum: “I shielded my eyes from the book and looking around for help what did I see but cigarettes on sale. WH Smiths. More like WTF! Smiths!”

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Posted: 19th, June 2009 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)