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A ‘Tom Cruise’ is now a universal measure of human fat

THANKS to Big Brother winner emeritus Josie Gibson, we know that fat is weighed by the Tom Cruise. As she tells OK! magazine:

“I’ve lost a whole Tom Cruise in Weight.”

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Kerry Katona’s Happiness Dump And Josie Gibson’s Agony

OK! magazine excels itself this week with a photoshopped cover “HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE” that places Kerry Katona (sunhat, bikini, vim-coloured teeth) beside Big Brother winner Josie Gibson (huge flower in hair, printed smock, jeans, cheap jewellery). One is dressed for a readers’ wives home photos shoot; the other is off to the local shops.

The headline seeks to tie the two reality show winners together with more than bad technology:


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Josie Gibson’s Abortion Car Crash

JOSIE Gibson, the Big Brother winner, is on the cover of OK!. alongside her are the words:


Inside we get:

“I made a lot of mistakes in my past and one thing is for certain, I ain’t going back for anyone.”

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Big Brother’s Josie Pretends To Marry John James In This Week’s OK!: The World’s Most Dishonest Read

JOSIE Gibson, aka Cider With Josie, the woman who won the last ever Big Brother before the last ever Big Brother, is marrying John James, who sounds, like a star of fabled 1980s show Dynasty but is an actual fact a cross between Frank Spencer and a David Beckham look-alike.

Anyhow, they are getting married. It says so on the cover of OK!


Inside you will read about:


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Big Brother 2010: The Dregs – Live Blog In Pictures

BIG Brother: the last series will pick the housemates from 81 people. These are the last 81 people in the UK not to appear on a reality telly show. The ones not chosen will be hosed down and placed in museum for everyone to gaze upon.

Josie Gibson. From Bristol. Huge floaty dress.

A 25 year old Financial Sales Rep. Cider With Josie.

Steven Gill. He’s got no legs. He’s got one eye. Was a soldiers. Injured in line of duty. Eight children.

Hometown: Leicestershire. Occupation: Ex HM Forces

Ben Duncan: Jacket. Jeans. Floppy hair. Utter ****. Hate figure. Boooooooooooooooo!

Age: 30. Job: Writer / broadcaster. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Chants of “Get Ben out!”

Rachel White: Hubba-hubba. It’s Beyonce! Vain. Great. Age: 23. Job: Hair stuff.

Nathan Dunn: Northern. Chicke Tikka Baltis is “my thing”. Cropped jeans and white pumps. Tell him. Go on. Tell him.

Age: 26. Hometown: Bingley, Bradford. Made of: “twisted steel and sex appeal” – and a monobrow.

Dave Vaughan: Mad monk. The new Chris Biggins meets that chubby Asian chef who sued to be on the telly. (Name please.)

“I love Jesus and I am a Christian minister. For 3 or 4 years I was on drink, drugs sex and rock and roll. For the last eighteen years I’ve become a different person. At times I get so overwhelmed by Gods presence and if people get around me they get transformed.”

Caoimhe Guilfoyle: Nice rubber vest. Nice hair. Horrible tattoo. Trying too hard.

Age: 22. Hometown: Dublin

“I used to be a little loner, a geek but now I’ve blossomed…I’m happy. I’m not an attention seeker. I lived in Madrid for two years, in the first few weeks I was fired from my job and kicked out of my flat for being too noisy.”

Govan Zachariah Hinds:

Govan. Really. He’s 21. And as hard as butter.

“I can be quite bitchy….it’s a real problem of mine. I can bring intelligent conversations or I can be silly and funny. I have never had a relationship with anybody…sometimes I do get lonely. I’m smiley, I’m shiny, I’m happy, I’ve got a nice smile and a big d**k!”

Hometown: Leicester. Occupation: Voluntary Worker

Shabby Katchadourian: Our favourite. Pretentious knob.

Writes for the Guardian. Don’t they all?

Ife Kuku:

Dancer. Iffy? Not a bit of it. Determined.

“Some people say to em you sound really posh for a black girl! What do they think all black girls talk like?”

John James Parton:

Australian. Highlights. Thinks we are amazed by him.

I look like David Beckham, obviously he’s not an ugly bloke so I won’t tell people don’t call me Beckham. I don’t like doing housework, I’m not lazy….just waiting for my big break!

Sunshine Martin: Calls herself Sunshine

Real name: Yvette. Vegan. Looks it.

Booed heartily. Gauche. Moi? Mais oui. Trainee medic. Yeah, Doc Martin.

Corin Forshaw: Hard faced Katie Price disciple.

Age: 29. Hometown: Cheshire

“I’m a nice person, don’t be a bitch to me and I won’t be a bitch to you!”

Mario Mugan:

Dressed as a mole.


Picture 1 of 20

Davina McCall with John as he enters the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

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