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Julian Assange And A Broken Condom ‘Rape’ In Sweden: A Timeline Of Events

JULIAN Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is wanted on suspicion of rape. Is it a set up, a smear? The Swedish word for it is sexfalla, which sort of means honeytrap. Assange slept with two women in August 2010. And then they said he raped them because he failed to wear a condom.

The timeline of events:

August 11: Assange is in Sweden. He is to speak at the behest of the Brotherhood Movement. His address will be on “war and the role of the media”.

He is met by a woman. At university she was the “campus sexual equality officer”. She is a feminist. She has a posting on her website called: “7 steps to legal revenge.” It’s a guide to getting back at an ex-lover.

Assange and the woman agree that he can stay at her Stockholm apartment.

August 12: Assange has drinks at the Beirut cafe in Stokholm.

August 13: The pair have dinner. They go back to her place and have sex. He wears a condom. It breaks.

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