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Julian Assange Vs Paul McMullan: Privacy For Paedos And How Tony Blair Liked To Watch Us On CCTV

CAN Julian Assange be made to debate privacy with the NoTW’s former journalist Paul McMullan who told the Leveson Inquiry:

“In 21 years of invading people’s privacy, I’ve never actually come across anyone who’s been doing any good. Privacy is the space bad people need to do bad things. Privacy is for paedos. Fundamentally, nobody else needs it.”

Who do you think would win the debate?

Was McMullan right?  New Labour agreed with him. As Brendan O’Neill writes:

Under the New Labour government in particular, “privacy” became a dirty word. Indeed, the rallying cry of our Blairite rulers was “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” – an alarmingly Stalinist turn of phrase that has always stuck in my craw. What they meant was that only shifty people, only those with something horrible to hide, would ever dare to complain about official intrusions into private life. So as New Labour coated Britain with CCTV cameras, tried desperately to introduce ID cards, and interfered relentlessly into family life and the realm of parenting, anyone who kicked up a fuss and said “what about privacy?” was accused of having something to hide.

And that’s the thing with the “toxic” NoTW. They operated in a climate sanctioned by Blair’s Government. As the CCTV cameras went up, spooks spied on people for the country’s biggest-read tabloids – the one that backed Blair. The paper had deep links to the police. As we are left asking – as we have asked ever since the hacking story broke – who trained the spooks to spy on Milly Dowler and those celebs?

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