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The world’s best Justin Timberlake Halloween costume

IT’S Halloween (ish). Time to grab a packet of dried noodle and make like you’re Justin Timberlake:

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have tasteless, disgusting wedding

WHEN famous people tie the knot, they tend to throw their cash around a fair it. Of course, most celebrities prove the old maxim ‘you can’t buy taste’, but looking at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, you kinda think that they seem like nice enough people and wouldn’t do anything too wrong when getting hitched.

What they didn’t bargain for is the taste of their mates.

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Mournfully fold your best knickers away: Justin Timberlake is engaged to Jessica Biel

YOU may well fancy the very pants off Justin Timberlake and, as well you might. He’s obviously talented, charming, self-deprecating and – if rumours are to be believed – in possession of a rather large ‘lad’.

However, that doesn’t mean you needy fans are getting any closer to wooing him. In fact, you’ve never been further away because, sadly for you and your best frilly knickers which you were saving for JT, he’s apparently engaged to Jessica Biel.

That’s right. He was supposed to propose to you, but he’s gone and done it to someone better looking and much, much wealthier than you. Someone who doesn’t scream constantly at the very mention of his name.

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Timberlake and Fallon Team Up For History Of Rap 3

GOD. Justin Timberlake is irritating isn’t he? Talented, good looking, wealthy and, worst of all, he seems like a really decent bloke.

Sadly, he’s not too keen on making another album as he makes his way in Hollywood, leaving us with a load of pretty terrible male popstars who just won’t do.

And to remind us how much fun he is, JT has tag-teamed Jimmy Fallon again to bring another of their The History of Rap skits.

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Justin Timberlake Is A Filthy Dope Fiend Who Likes Sticking Drugs Up Himself

SEXY back? Justin Timberlake is more likely to be indulging in blow-backs after he admitted that he “absolutely” smokes marijuana.

So there you go. Timberlake is nothing but a wretched stoner who is wheeling out the same ol’ line of ‘it helps me to switch off and relax’. Aye, and eat two thousand packets of Cheetos while giggling at monkey’s pissing in their own mouths in YouTube videos.

He said:

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking. Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

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Justin Timberlake Presents Golden Globes Nominations 2010, In Pictures

ANORAK spotted John Krasinski, Diane Kruger and Justin Timberlake attend the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Los Angeles, California. Hard not to like a showbiz pre-AGM when the nibbles are so delish. And it’s voted for by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Hacks. It’s got kudos. And booze,. Lots of booze. Stand out choices: Best Motion Picture, Drama: Avatar; Best Actor in a Motion Picture: Colin Firth (A Single Man); Best Actress in a Motion Picture: Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria) and Helen Mirren (The Last Station). The pre-awards do do in pictures:


Picture 1 of 12

John Krasinski, Diane Kruger and Justin Timberlake attend the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Los Angeles, California on December 15, 2009.

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Brad Pitt’s Life Of Hell, Beer, Wine, Beards And Chips

brad-pitt1IN this week’s National Enquirer, news that Angelina Jolie is “DESTROYING” Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake’s Rihanna-Biel “LOVE TRIANGLE” and “HOW NICOLE RICHIE LOST 14LBS IN 7 DAYS.”

Brad And Angelina En France:

News is that “BRAD’S FALLING APART”. He’s “bloated” and haggard” as he endures a “life of hell” with Angelina Jolie. He’s losing his looks and it’s “crushing his spirit.”

You can see just how crushed Brad is as he tours a Syrian camp for dispossessed Iraqis on his and Angelina’s Little Donkey Tour of the Middle East.

That’s Brad Pitt with the “unkempt Colonel Sanders-style beard”, the tatty chin with bits of chicken fat, coleslaw and gristle in the creases.

That beard keeps getting longer to hide Brad’s tall stack of chins. Can the chin hair grow in step with his chins? It’s the big talking point.

Meanwhile, back at the chateau, a game of hide and seek is being enacted:

“Brad’s answer to these problems has been to hide away with a bottle of wine and some beer, which is easy for him because the chateau is enormous and he can slip to the other side of the property and stay there for days on end. He’ll find himself some French cheese and meats and grab some olives, chips and other greasy goods. Then he washes it down with bottle after bottle of expensive wine and super-strong European beer, which is his favourite.”

It is a living hell.

Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Jessica Biel

Rihanna’s people say that Justin Timberlake must end it with Jessica Biel if he is to have any chance to dating Rihanna, who Justin is not dating but might if he drops Jessica Biel.

Only if Timberlake stops dating Biel can he even think of dating Rihanna.

And what foes for Rihanna, goes too for Kirstie Alley, Madonna, Helen Shapiro, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Cheryl Cole…

Perspective With Mary Jo Eustace, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

Mary Jo has a new book out. It’s called Divorce Sucks. In it she speaks of her ex-husband Dean McDermott and how he and Tori hooked up:

“I guess I always knew that after the years of mini bombs, one day there would be a big, fat Hiroshima.”

After that, Mary Jo gathers herself to talk of a picture she saw of Tori with her legs raised about a prone Dean. And she delivers the bombshell:

“I will never feel the same way about cowboy boots again.”

And you thought there was only one way to think about cowboy boots.

Nicole Richie Slims Down

Did you know that Nicole Richie lost 14 pounds – in weight! -after giving birth to a baby that weighed 7lbs 14oz. Add on the attachments and the water and the breast feeding and the miracle is not that Richie lost weight but that she had any weight left to lose…

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Amy Winehouse Sinks Her Teeth Into ‘Justin Timberlake’, Pictures

AMY Winehouse is back in London and back doing what she does best. No, not making records. Smoking a fag, getting photographed and being annoyed.

Amy is pictured with Tyler James. Who he? Why, in 2002, The Face magazine was billing Tyler as “the British answer to Justin Timberlake”. He turns out to be the British answer to the question uttered by showbiz reporters this morning: “Who the **** is that with Wino?”

The press round-up:

* “After having two teeth out at the dentist (an irrelevent detail, but one that amused us) [sic], Amy and old flame/old friend Tyler James had three separate dinners (one was at Pizza Express, and we bet those doughballs played havoc with that dental work) and then went to a jazz club (nice. Which is a reference you won’t get if you’re under 25)” – 3am Girls

To the club, nicely!

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Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher And Justin Timberlake Arrive For Israel Summit

7555253Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher And Justin Timberlake Arrive For Israel Summit.

MADONNA is coming to Israel. And there’s nothing Israel can do about it.

The Material Girl went from wanting to be ‘as famous as God’ in the Eighties to wanting to reach God through Kabbalah, and to save both planet Earth and the black babies who wander on it, in the Noughties.

Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Tzipi Livni will both meet Madonna. But the fear is that she can not be stopped.

Madonna wants to perform at Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon, on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Before that she’ll meet the politicos. Can they dissuade her?

Even before that Madonna’s in Jerusalem’s Old City, touring an ancient tunnel near the Western Wall. We watched her go in. We waited. Men prayed. Later she emerged.

Madonna will tour graves of Talmudic sages in Safed and attend a Kabbalah Centre ritual with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. The Jerusalem Post says another “Kabbalah-related celebrity friend”, Justin Timberlake, is on his way to the scene.

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The Most Bizarre And Worst Celebrity Dolls Ever Made

BARBIE is 50 this year and Anorak brings you the 50 Things You Never Knew About Barbie. But Barbie is not the only celebrity doll. There have been others. And Anorak brings you the strangest, least-deserving, most bizarre and downright odd celebrity dolls ever – enjoy:

Karl Lagerfeld, Angelina Jolie, Ann Coulter, Bill Clinton, Bindi Irwin, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Caylee Anthony, Charles Dickens, Diane Ross, Donald Trump, Drew Carey, Albert Einstein, Elton John,George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Hugh Hefner, Jennifer Lopez (NSFW), Jerry Springer, Jesus, John Travolta, Kelly Osbourne, Laura Bush, Lemme,Lindsay Lohan, Nirvana, The One, OJ, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton,Princess Diana, Rosie O’Donnell (Barbie!), Sarah Palin (schoolgirl), Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo, Seth Godin, Snoop Dogg, Suzanne Somers (with thighs!), Sonny, Steve Irwin, Timberlake and Jackson, Tom Cruise, Tori Spelling, Vanilla Ice, Victoria Silvstedt, William Shakepeare action figure, Winston Churchill.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Credit Crunch Survival Tips.

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