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Karen Matthews: a damp squib and other fireworks from the UK’s ‘most hated mum’

Karen Matthews – ‘the UK’s most hated mum’ (source: Daily Mirror) is talking through a “pal” with an impeccable memory to the Daily Mirror.

In “I need plastic surgery for my own safety” readers see a picture of Karen, the woman convicted of kidnapping her daughter for cash. Like most of you, we too had forgotten what Karen Matthews looked like. and with her dyed hair, gained weigh, new name, Bible group mates and living far away from her native Dewsbury, it would have been easy to have ignored here. But the Mirror somehow managed to spot her and her anonymous friend, and now Karen says she is living in fear.

Over page 4 and 5, we are told in an emotive headline, “People scream nonce at me in the street… but I think I deserve everything I get.”

Karen is “trying to build a new life for herself…but there are clearly many who are not ready to forgive or forget”. Given that headline, one of them seems to be Karen herself.

People have thrown fireworks at Karen (bangers, since you ask). She is “hounded”. So she needs to have her face rearranged. Well, a bit of it at least: “I would love to get plastic surgery, make my nose small so nobody would recognise me.”  She was “attacked” in prison. “They hit me with a snowball,” says Karen.

The Mirror says on Page 12 that Karen Matthew getting plastic surgery on the NHS is “a question for public debate”. And Karen “deserves a fair hearing”.

Lest you still not think the Mirror is spinning a story around Karen Matthews to flog you her memoirs, Lucy Thornton tells us: “My sympathy then loathing for Karen has turned to pity.”

And if there’s enough interest, it’ll turn to a book deal.

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Karen Matthews finds God as the Daily Mirror ‘finds’ her

Who is the “most hated mum in Britain”? As kids give their mothers the side eye and Rose WestVanessa George and Tracey Connelly contemplate their respective relegations, the Mirror tells it’s Karen Matthews, mother to Shannon Matthews, the kidnapping victim who wasn’t kidnapped but hidden by her mum in a relative’s flat in Batley Carr, West Yorkshire, where she was tied to a bed and drugged for 24 days. Karen Matthews did it for the £50,000 reward money.


Karen Matthew Shannon


Today the Mirror tells us Karen “craves forgiveness for snatching” Shannon.

In 2009 Karen was jailed for eight years for kidnaping and drugging of her nine-year-old daughter. Shannon’s step-uncle Michael Donovan, in whose flat Shannon was found, was also sent to prison for eight years.

Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, of West Yorkshire police, called Karen “pure evil”. Mr Justice McCombe said calling Karen “evil” was “was not a helpful comment” and criticised “hyperbole about this case in some quarters”. Fast forward seven years and Karen Matthews is the “most hated women in Britain”.

But she wants to be loved. She has, says the Mirror, “joined a Bible group to meet new friends, has become a teetotaller and prays every day in an effort to lift her spirits”.


Karen Matthews Shannon


Now freed, Karen Matthews is suffering: “But the mum-of-seven’s notoriety has left her unable to get a job and she claims she is trying to survive on just £25 a week in benefits. And her weight has soared due to a behind bars diet of chocolate, which also left her teeth rotten.” She wasn’t exactly a workaholic before her incarceration.

Karen meets with the Mirror, which tells readers:”Matthews was gorging on a huge plate of chips at a cafe before going to watch carol singers.Matthews was gorging on a huge plate of chips at a cafe before going to watch carol singers.”

She doesn’t talk to the paper directly, but through a “friend”, who quotes Karen verbatim: “I know I did something wrong but I’m not the baddest person people are making out. I am sorry for hurting people.” Karen poses for no photos, the Mirror making do with grainy, covert-style pictures of Karen at the shops, wearing a hat, partly obscured by shopping bags and framed by what appears to be a car window.

The impression is that the story has been achieved by investigating and not Karen picking up the phone and trying to make a few quid. Was she paid for this story? Was her “friend” paid? Does it matter is money changed hands?

As the Commons says: “There is no law prohibiting convicted criminals from publishing their autobiographies or other writings in which their crimes may be described, or from selling their stories to newspapers or biographical writers.”

Two examples:

In 1998, it was reported that Mary Bell, who killed two toddlers when she was eleven, was receiving payment for helping with a book about her life, Cries Unheard by Gitta Sereny.

There were many reports that Mary Bell had received £50,000 for her contribution, although this was disputed at the time. The book was also serialised in the Times.
In 2003, there was public concern that Tony Martin, who shot and killed a young burglar, had sold his story to the Mirror for £125,000; however the Press Complaints Commission ruled that there had been no breach of the relevant code of practice, instead taking the view that the payment was necessary and that the story was in the public interest.

Is the Mirror testing reaction to this story before it features a series of articles from sweet Karen, of whom we’re told, “Matthews still insists she is innocent and did not snatch little Shannon”?

Reading on we learn that Karen’s no longer living in her native Dewsbury, having moved hundreds of miles away, dyed her hair and adopted a new name – “the same as her favourite Hollywood star.” The Mail doesn’t tell us which one, but if you meet Darth Matthews, pray for her and maybe – just maybe – buy her memoirs.

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‘Devil’ Karen Matthews gets Rebekah Brooks makeover

KAREN Matthews is the “DEVIL”. So says the Sun, which adds that woman who faked her daughter Shannon Matthews’ kidnap is in “disguise”.

The Devil is a master of disguise, even better than Heidi Klum. To date, the Devil has appeared as a serpent, a great red dragon, an archangel (all Bible), two brothers in Edlington, a dog in Stratford, East London (both the Sun), Haiti and Karren Brady’s chest. Now the Devil is a middle-aged mum-of-seven who is “slimmer and disguised with a new short hairdo” on a trip to buy ciggies.

The Sun adds:

Cruel Matthews looked chuffed to bits when she went shopping yesterday sporting the striking makeover.

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Karen Matthews – she’s back for fame and a Big Mac

KAREN Matthews, mother of missing-then-found Shannon Matthews, is back in the news. The mum-of-seven staged a fake kidnapping of her daughter Shannon to get a £50,000 reward offered by national newspapers. A hungry media lapped up the story of the missing child. Dewsbury had its own Our Maddie. But Shannon was in Michael Donovan’s flat. ‘Uncle Michael’ was in cahoots with Karen Matthews. He was jailed for nine years for kidnap and false imprisonment. Earlier this month, Donovan was released on licence. Karen Matthews got eight years. Now she’s getting out.

Dewsbury Reporter: “Exclusive: Karen Matthews won’t come home to Dewsbury Moor”

On March 25, the paper reported:

KAREN Matthews is expected to be released from jail within weeks – but she isn’t likely to return to Dewsbury.

Karen is expected to finish her eight-year sentence for kidnap and false imprisonment of her daughter, Shannon, next month. This Wednesday it was the fourth anniversary of Shannon being found. “I know for a fact she is not coming back,” Ms Bushby said. “As far as I’m aware she will head for a halfway house.” She also rubbished tabloid newspaper reports of Karen having a boyfriend waiting for her in Cyprus and that the jailed mum plans to head straight for The Jeremy Kyle Show when she is released from prison in Derby.

Ms Bushby said: “It’s nonsense. She won’t be able to make any money from her crimes.”

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Vanessa George: All The News And Opinions

fat-paedoALL the news on Vanessa George, the nursery paedophile who along with Angela Allen, and Colin Blanchard distributed and made indecent pictures of children.

News of The World: In “Our Mum The Monster”, the News of The World introduces Vanessa George’s family.

Andrew George is pictured with daughters Grace and Pearl. Says Andrew:

“I call her monster now. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

Now I see her as cold, calculating scum – and I don’t want her to ever see our kids again.”

Although she can see them – in the tabloids.

A typical day:

“She was brilliant with kids. She got that nursery place through Ofsted reports. She was even doing work courses on how to spot child sex abuse earlier this year…

“I remember her watching news programmes, and if a paedophile came on screen she would stand up and shout ‘f****ing b*****d, cut his f*****ing balls off’.


“I call her the monster now. She’s evil. Pure evil. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

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Disgusting 66-Year-Old Mum Elizabeth Adeney

old-motherELIZABETH Adeney is to be mum at 66. It’s a private matter, right? Wrong? It’s tabloid fodder:

NOBODY said it was disgusting and immoral for David Jason to become a dad at 61, so why is it so disgusting to and immoral for Elizabeth Adeney to have a baby at 66.

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Shannon Matthews Teddy Bear Related To Madeleine McCann Cuddle Cat

shannon-matthews-karen-matthewsKAREN Matthews – Kate McCann wannabe – is the subject of a TV documentary.

And you need to watch the show because Sky tells us:

The jailed mother of Shannon Matthews is convinced by her own lies, a documentary will suggest tonight.

Convinced. Suggest. Two words that don’t sit comfortably together. But what of the news that the woman serving an eight year sentence for kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice thinks she is innocent?

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Shannon Matthews: Karen Matthews And Craig Meehan To Breed

KAREN Matthews has been jailed for 8 years for her part in the kidnap of her daughter Shannon Matthews.

Now read on…

NOTW: “I want babies with my Karen”

It’s Craig Meehan. His image is captioned:

Perv’s jail wedding bid.

He wants babies? And you’ll remember who she was heavily pregnant?

THE vile boyfriend of evil kidnap scam mum Karen Matthews has revealed they want to start a FAMILY when she gets out of prison. Craig Meehan, who was jailed last year for having child porn images on his computer, also intends to MARRY Matthews inside.


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Karen Matthews Killed Nora Batty

FERGUS Shanahan, the Sun’s deputy editor, laments the passing of Kathy Staff, an actress famed for her hospital corners on Crossroads and her half-mast stockings as Last of the Summer Wine’s Nora Batty.

Shanahan suffers from acute faction, the inability to differentiate between reality and made-for-telly fiction.

“Nora represented a generation of women with attitudes long gone. Working hard and keeping the home clean in the face of real poverty…Fiercely protective of her family and kids while instilling discipline and manners.”

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Bunting For Wimmin With Sharon Shoesmith And Karen Matthews

KAREN Matthews. Booo! Sharon Shoesmith. Hissss!

Do you know why you don’t like them, why it is you bang on the van as it leaves court, sign a petition to call for Shoesmith to be sacked and want both women to be flayed alive?

Madeleine Bunting knows why:

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Karen Matthews Gets Your Kids’ Christmas Toys

SHANNON Matthews’ mum from hell, the evil Karen Matthews, “may get prison privileges.”

The Suns says Karen Matthews may get “a DVD player or game console”.

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The Buzz: Karen Matthews Sentenced To Lightyears

A GOOD tun out is this week’s lookalike contest, with the pick of the bunch offering from a “concerned dad”, who notices the resemblance between Kidnap Horror actor Karen Matthews and Toy Story actor Buzz Lightyear.

Says Concerned dad:

“I’ve had to smash up all the kids DVDs and scratch the face off my youngest’s Buzz Lighyears doll lest they have nightmares.”

For shame!

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Eoghan Quigg Has The Madeleine McCann X Factor

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann


It’s sardine munching Tony Parsons. He’s got mourning sickness.

If Eoghan Quigg wins The X Factor tonight, it will be because he tugged the nation’s heartstrings by sobbing like a big softy on last week’s show…Even boyband JLS would be preferable to cry-baby Quigg and his croaking, fist-punching High School Musical routines…

But cry-baby Quigg could nick it after blubbing his heart out when Diana got the boot. Personally, I thought I was going to vomit.

Sod Cowell and Tweedy’s Cry In – who’s for a game of Tabloid Bingo?

I remember when we said goodbye to another Diana, and William and Harry walked behind their mother’s coffin, their hearts breaking but their eyes dry.

Tick. Tick. Tick. (It’s a quick game.)

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Whatever Happened To Karen Matthews’ Other Baby?

SHANNON Watch: Anorak’s looks at Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews and the greater Matthews clan…

Karen Matthews is guilty of a serious crime: she made columnists look like fools:

BEATRIX CAMPBELL: “Who do we blame?”

Compare and contrast the stories of Shannon Matthews and Madeleine McCann – and what we see is a narrative of nasty class prejudice

Shannon Matthews’ neighbourhood, community and family are poor, lacking in resources, and yet they have spontaneously displayed remarkable resourcefulness – children organised a vigil, adults went out searching for the missing child, community intelligence led the police to her. And once she was found, a party was promised.

Karen Matthews has acted appropriately throughout: she was waiting for Shannon at home; she contacted the police as soon as she had exhausted all the obvious locations.

And yet, our eye is drawn to her poverty, numbers of partners, cans of lager going into her household. Everything about Ms Matthews’ life has been up for scrutiny.

Continues for a few hundred more words…

THE SUN: ‘Let Shannon go please’”

She said Shannon’s disappearance had broken her family apart and told how she cried herself to sleep at night and could not go into her daughter’s bedroom.

She said she accepted police had to carry out criminal checks on members of her family.


THE mother of Shannon Matthews is thought to be pregnant with her eighth child.

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Madeleine McCann: The X Factor, Mourning Sickness And Celebrity Tears

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

THE Dianification of Britain has passed what historians will come to call the X(Factor) Point, the day when the pro-John Sergeant focus group met the lachrymose X Factor warblers in an all-singing, all- dancing tribute to Baby P.

Hey. It’s what Madeleine McCann would have wanted, so too out Princess of Hearts, say the jobbing mourners as the DVD, CD and ribbon hit the shops and broadcasters feel impelled to play it lest they lag behind in the celebrity caring stakes.

There is no escape. There is escapism, because while you watch to see the rubbish singers and the rubbish dancers fail, you are not allowed to point and laugh. That could be you. There for the grace of God…

And having exhausted themselves cheerleading and ululating with mourning sickness, the hacks have noticed.

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The Fish And Chippy Shannon Matthews Story

BRIAN Appleyard explains the Shannon Matthews case:

The Shannon Matthews case – deftly summarised by Andrew Norfolk – was very ‘fish and chippy’. This is an expression Fleet Street newsdesks once used. It meant that a story was sordid and low life. They didn’t say this out of snobbery, they said it because such stories should not be given too much prominence – or reported at all – because they were simply grim and added nothing to human wisdom.


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Madeleine McCann: TV Survivors, Alan Carr And Karen Matthews Bingo

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann


EXCLUSIVE TV’s Survivors star Julie tells why she shuns Botox and surgery at the age of 43


But Julie said: “I’m happy the way I am. OK, there are days when I wake up and think, ‘Who’s that old bag looking back at me in the mirror?’ “And I see pictures of myself five years ago and think, ‘Why can’t I look like that any more?’ But I’m happy the way I am. What is wrong with a woman looking her actual age?”

What’s good for Julie is good for Kate McCann. Really:

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Poetry Corner: Karen Matthews Clerihews

Karen Matthew Clerihews

KAREN Matthews
Is on the news
On your rented tellies
For feeding Shannon jellies

I’m With…

Shannon Matthews
Turfed out of bed
Upon the wooden floor
Police came
Identified her
Daughter of class war

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Karen Matthews Is Pure Evil, Like Peter Tobin

I am distinctly freaked out by the police’s claim that Karen Mathews is ‘pure evil’.

Are we to belive that the police can’t tell the difference between Peter Tobin, who kidnapped, raped and murdered at least two girls, and a mother who thought she could defraud the public by pretending that her daughter was kidnapped?

Or is it just a spin on why the police were happy to dump the original investigation of the disappearance of Vicky Hamilton on the grounds that they had found her purse and concluded that she had run away?

From the Forums

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How The Media Turned Shannon Matthews Into A Madeleine McCann

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews.

Karen Matthews has been found guilty of kidnapping her child Shannon Matthews and perverting the course of justice. Karen Matthews is “PURE EVIL”. As Evil as Baby P’s killers?

Lest readers not understand that Karen Matthews is “PURE EVIL”, the papers remind them of the fact on their front pages:

THE SUN:PURE EVIL – Family even tied to scam Maddie fund”
DAILY STAR: “PURE EVIL” – Shannon’s mum had sex and food orgies as kids starved”
DAILY MIRROR: “MOTHER OF PURE EVIL” – In the rush to damn, the Mirror seems to be calling Shannon Matthews “PURE EVIL”. And that’s harsh.

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Shannon Matthews: Madeleine McCann’s Shameless Legacy

KAREN Matthews has been found guilty of kidnapping her daughter Shannon Matthews and get her hands on the reward money.

Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan were both found guilty of the kidnap and false imprisonment.

The pair were also found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

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Shannon Matthews: Crazy Pigs, 1988 And Bum’s The Word

SHANNON Matthews: Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Shannon Matthews and Karen Matthews

To Leeds Crown Court…


Indeed, the police have ringtones. One has a whistle that makes the sound of a duck, another has a truncheon shaped like drumstick by which he can pound the beat, literally!

Says one officer:

“I thought, ‘We’ve just found your daughter and you’re more concerned about the ringtone’”

Says another officer:

Ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
a Bram ba am baba weeeeeee


Natalie Brown is in the witness box. Says she:

“One woman said about him having a cute bum. Karen said she wouldn’t mind taking him upstairs. She was having a giggle thinking it was funny. Acting like a little child.”

Maybe the wrong child went missing?

“One minute she would be laughing and be happy and joking but when the news came on TV she would be very quiet.”

We’re on the telly!

Natalie claimed she told Matthews off on one occasion when she said to her youngest daughter “Look Shannon’s on TV she’s famous.”

Is Karen Matthews a celebrity? Is Shannon? How much is her story worth?

THE SUN (front page): “Shannon mother’s ‘silence’ at rescue”

Says neighbour Natalie Brown:

“I never saw any real tears. Her eyes would well up and that was it.”

Pages 8 and 9: “THE RING OF TRUTH – Phone quip as Shannon found”

DC Alex Gummit has a phone that when called plays Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Says Karen Matthews, allegedly: “You must Bluetooth it to me or text me.” Or call and we’ll do cans…

The Sun goes on to talk about the £50,000 reward for finding Shannon. The piece is erroneously called “SUN’S £50,000.” The reward was indeed for that sum but the Sun did not put it all up. The money was raised by well wishers. For such reasons, readers who find Madeleine McCann should beware of claiming Anorak’s £3.2million, as advertised here.

Matthews, 33 — who is jointly accused of staging the nine-year-old’s disappearance to claim a £50,000 reward from The Sun — left officers deeply suspicious because of her reaction.

Or not…

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Shannon Matthews: Karen Matthews’ Call To Police

LISTEN as Karen Matthews calls the police about missing daughter Shannon:

OPERATOR: Police, emergency.

MRS MATTHEWS: Hiya, I want to report my daughter as missing, please.

OPERATOR: Right. How old is she?

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Waking Up With Craig Meehan And Peado Spotting With The People

THE story so far: former upermarket fishmonger, Ken Morley look-alike, one time live-in male role model to Shannon Matthews and look alike Craig Meehan is found to be in possession of illegal images. He serves time in jail. He is then released. Now read on…

THE PEOPLE: “Shannon stepdad tries to lure girl to his house.”

EXCLUSIVE Inside the twisted world of kidnap Shannon’s pervert stepdad Craig Meehan He sends dirty txts & lures girl to house WITHOUT telling police.. Brags he’ll be ONLINE within days – Boasts he should be on Big Brother – Spends days on his Xbox, swigging lager and cuddling kitten at taxpayers’ expense…

A kitten… For shame! Joshua Layton And Jessica Boulton investigate…

The shameless stepdad of kidnap case girl Shannon Matthews has secretly tried to lure a pretty girl into his safe house for a sex tryst.

Shameless. Yeah, like the TV show. This is news reporting for anyone who thinks Shameless is a documentary and Craig Meehan an extra on it. Do you have trouble seperating fact from fiction?

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Craig Meehan And Paedo Spotting Coronation Street

YESTERDAY, Anorak, with tips from Telford local council, instructed you in ways to spot a paedophile.

Today, we learn in the Star that Craig Meehan, one-time lover to Karen Matthews, mother to Shannon Matthews, denies downloading child porn on his computer. The trial continues.

We also lean that Mr Meehan resembles a certain Ken Morley, who was once employed as a supermarket worker called “Reg” in Coronation Street.

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