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Kate Winslet ‘Dumped’ Sam Mendes Over Other Man’s ‘Text Messages’

WANT to know the “REAL REASON” Kate Winslet “DUMPED” Sam Mendes?

So far, the media has reported no less than 19 Reasons. These include:

Rebecca Hall, incest, boredom and rolled-up fags. No proof for any of them – but, still, it’s good journalism to guess and speculate.

Rebecca Hall Introduces More Reasons For Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes’ Split

Now the Daily Mail presents Reason Number 20:

Why Kate Winslet called ‘cut’ on Mr Ego: He shunned her talk of text messages from her dead lover

Alison Boshoff, who earlier told us Kate and Sam had split over her rolled-up ciggies, arguing and flirting.

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