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Katia Zatuliveter Is Not A Russian Spy: She Got With Her ‘Teddy Bear’ Mike Hancock MP For Love

KATIA Zatuliveter, 26, is not a Russian spy. She was not told by Kremlin commanders to enter into negotiations with married Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Russia and a member of the Defence Select Committee. Sure, they had a four-year affair. But she did it for love. She worked for Hancock as his parliamentary assistant.
A Special Immigration Appeals Commission has concluded that Zatuliveter is free to go.

Her diary called Hancock “my darling teddy bear“.

One diary entry of June 2006, two months after the pair met in St Petersburg, noted:

“I am in love… And he’s gone to Iraq today. I worry a lot, don’t know what to do, what to do with myself. What if he calls me? My darling Teddy Bear. There is no one more tender and more sincere than you. You are the first person in the world who is prepared to give me everything (well after my parents).”

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Katia Zatuliveter Is Ready For Lad’s Mag Photoshoot: Mike Handycock Is Innocent

DAY 2 of Katia Zatuliveter’s appeal against deportation to Mother Russia. Did she shag married LibDem MP Mike Hancock for his secrets?

Hancock yesterday quit the Commons Defence Committee. He says he never passed on classified information to his researcher Katia.

The court called a female MI5 officer known as witness ZZ. She sat behind a curtain. No, not an iron one, rather one made of cotton.

She is challenged by Tim Owen QC, for Miss Zatuliveter. The name of Anna Chapman arises:

ZZ: “The security services case is there are similarities but not by any means the same.”

Owen: “The difference is the FBI has got some evidence. Yes?”

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Suspected Spy Katia Zatuliveter Studied English Under Mike Hancock MP For Four Years

KATIA Zatuliveter, 26, ala Ekaterina, says that she did indeed have a affair with allegedly philandering Mike Hancock, the married LibDem MP for Portsmouth South. She also had, reportedly, “flirtations” with a Nato wonk and a Dutch diplomat.

She is accused of being a Russian spy. The British Government want to deport her. She is fighting their right to do so. She says the Government has got it wrong. She sayss he is no spy. Mike Hancock says he passed on no secrets. Katia has been making her case to the panel sitting on the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

Katia was 21 and a student at St Petersburg University when she met Mr Hancock. She was invited to “chaperone” him round the city. On day one, she tells the group:

“He told me he wanted to sleep with me. He went up to his room and he brought a CD and some money… He made it very clear from the beginning he was interested in me. He tried to kiss me. He was very charming during this time. I was not getting much attention from men during this period.”

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Katia Zatuliveter: Sex, Photos, Short Skirts, And Anna Chapman

KATIA Zatuliveter is being deported for alleged spying for the Russians. Did the woman born in Dagestan work for the SVR (External Intelligence Service)? Not sure. But she certainly worked for Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth, a man revealed in TV interviews to be partial to pink cable-knit jumpers.

She is blonde and 25. He is grey and 64. He is married with two children. The stereotypes are in place to make this story fly.

The Firm:

Katia is married to Andrew Cowburn. He runs Choices (Northern UAK). The motto: “Knowledge is our business”:

Here at Choices (Northern UK) Ltd we aim to offer quality information, advice, guidance and application support to international students wishing to study in the United Kingdom.

The Denial:

Mr Hancock issues a statement denying Katia is a spy. He ends with:

She has been an excellent and conscientious employee and I wish her well in all this. There was nothing she was doing for me that was in any way sensitive.”

The Attraction:

That sound you hear is a loud “fnar” from the Daily Mail. It leads with:

A womanising MP was targeted by a suspected Russian spy in a Moscow ‘honeytrap’ sting, Whitehall sources believe.

So. Her sex and looks got her the job?

One Westminster source said: ‘She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with Hancock and they would be seen having lunch together. Certainly some thought she was charming and intelligent.’

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