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‘Bald’ Katie Price Is ‘Down, Depressed And In The Priory Too’

KATIE Price Is ‘Down, Depressed And In the Priory Too’.

Is this a rare moment of clarity from Our Katie as she makes ready to read a trail for her interview in heat magazine? No, it’s just a joke. Really.

Hey, Peter Andre – there’s a song in this: Inania.

Cue the music:

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Katie Price’s Ex Lover Goes With A Bang

katie-price-tattooDAY Whatever of the Katie Price and Peter Andre divorce and news that Katie’s old flame Dane Bowers and a sex tape…

The Sun: “MY Night with Jordan: Ex-lover Dane nicked near her mansion”

Her mansion. Is that euphemism?

Huge bang at 4am as Dane stays with Jordan

JORDAN’S ex-lover Dane Bowers told cops he had been with HER — after being nicked for suspected drink-driving at 4am yesterday. Cops rushed to Jordan’s mansion after neighbours heard a “huge bang” at 4am — and found Bowers.

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What Have You Done With Katie Price And Her Jordans, Pete?

ON Novembr 23, Anorak will be attending an audience with Peter Andre. Then we will ask him what he has done with the brash, neon-skinned, pneumatic mass of taffeta, filler and snaggle tooth and her gargantuan Jordans:

Has she now been dipped in plastic and hidden inside this shell of a person seen in the picture? Is Pete’s curent squeeze a new kind of inflatable?

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