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Katie Price Auditions For A New Peter Andre On TV Show

katie-price10KATIE PRICE and Peter Andre Divorce – Andre Pinto tales of his secret sex with Jordan, Peter Andre gets another TV show, also secret, and Katie Price auditions for a new straight man…

IN “MY SECRET SEX WITH JORDAN”, Andre Pinto tells us more about his, er, “secret sex with Katie Price”.

This is “hunky” Andre, who looks a dead ringer for Robbie Williams’, if you  stretched the singer’s face on a rack and squirted lemon juice in his eyes.

This is Pinto the “model”, who Katie says she had sex with three times and his pal says “several times” in the course of a month.

This is Andre Pinto who replaced Peter ‘Half Pinto’ Andre in Jordan’s limbs. It’s Jordan’s homophonous relationship. If Petra Andre is looking in, she’d best prepare herself for a lesbian fling. And Prince Andrew, as you were.

While Katie interviews her new PA, the Star screams:


Only yesterday, Peter Landed a stingt aa shobiz reporter on ITV’s This Morning vegetables and valium show and already he’s scored a top TV job? What is it?

JEALOUS Jordan sank to a new low yesterday after hearing her estranged husband had clinched one of TV’s best showbiz jobs.

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