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Katie Price’s Pregnant Barbie And New BaByQ: Pictures

KATIE Price is the “HAPPY MUM”. She is pictured on the Daily Star’s cover page being cradled by Alex Reid. It’s an old photo but the story is new:


News is that Katie and Alex “threw a barbecue bash” to “share their hot baby news.” What’s this? Hot baby… Barbecue… Noooooooo! Katie, you don’t need to go to such lengths to grab a front page from Peter Andre. Just dress Princess up as a lapdancer or put your hair in a bun and your **** in a toaster. Kill Barbie. Just leave the babes out of it.

The Star says Katie drank no booze and had an early night. This is making news by Tabloid Maths. A plus B equals whatever the news agenda wants it to be.

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Posted: 26th, April 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comment