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Katie Waissel Is The Sun’s Hate Figure Who Keeps Giving

KATIE Waissel, the connected X Factor wannabe the Sun hated and invited us to hate is the subject of a story about her donating her valuable (free) time to charity. Or as the caring Sun puts it:

KATIE Waissel shows she DOES have a heart – for Heart FM’s charity appeal

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How Katie Waissel And The X Factor Ruined Sheila Vogel-Coupe’s Cottage Industry

THANKS to Katie Waissel and the X Factor, we got to meet the delightful Sheila Vogel-Coupe.

She’s been on This Morning, sat on the comfy chair to talk to Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford about his life since her porn film the Great British Granny Bang reached the attention of the mainstream press.

She tells them that she loves her family, even if they have been “judgemental”, and:

“Katie joined the X Factor and went to the press. She has ruined my career. I’m afraid she has. But I still wish her well and I love her.”

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X Factor: Katie Waissel In Jedward Double Act With Emily Barnett Salter Is Her Jedward Twin (Photos)

X FACTOR: Did Katie Waissel join Jedward on stage in X Factor 2009? Well, no. One conspiracy theory can be put to bed as a reader introduces us to Emily Barnett Salter. Credits include: X Factor, Schwarzkopf, NVQ awards and P&O cruises. A double act with Katie awaits…

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.


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Katie Waissel’s X Factor: A Detailed Look At Sheila Vogel-Coupe’s Mature Courtesans

I AM astonished at the thousands of new readers who have stormed into Madame Arcati all because of my little post onSheila Vogel-Coupe. She’s in the Sun today, blissfully unashamed to be a practising prostitute at the age of 81. But I am appalled that her disrespectful X Factor wannabe and Frodo lookalike granddaughter, Katie Waissel, was ‘vile and vicious’ towards her on the phone after singing Help! last Saturday. Help? She can fuck off, dearie.

READX Factor: Katie Waissel Joined Jedward On Stage Last Year: Video Proof?

Anyhow, all this talk of Sheila has drawn me to the Mature Courtesans website where until recently she advertised her person. The madam of this establishment is one Helga who apparently has ‘gone away’ for now – and I must say Helga’s business is a tribute to the kind of fine manners we should expect in these times of Old Etonian governance, even if her grasp on grammar and syntax is not.

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X Factor: Katie Waissel’s Sister Natalie Davis Speaks Of Granny Porn: Photos

KATIE Waissel’s sister Natalie Davis is ready to talk. She wants to talk about their grandmother Sheila Vogel, and her life as the wonderful superannuated porn star Ruby Tuesday and prostitute Cecilia Bird.

Natalie poses for photos and says she and her family are “completely shocked” by granny. Says she:

“We were completely shocked and devastated to hear of the news that my grandmother, Sheila Vogel, has been conducting immoral activities, including prostitution and pornography. We, as a family, disassociate ourselves wholly from these activities and from any future stories that arise from them.”

And what better way to distance yourself from them than by speaking to the press and posing for photos..?

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X Factor: Katie Waissel Porn Make Her Queen Of All Media

X FACTOR wannabe Katie Waissel is the content Queen for Richard Desmond’s oeuvre. Katie, who worked at OK! magazine, has featured many times on the cover of the Daily Star, most recently as an alleged victim on racial persecution.

And now her grandma, Sheila Vogel, aka Ruby Tuesday, is the face, tits and pension book of Desmond’s Channel X, the satellite porn station. The front-page of the website advertises:

WAISSEL’S GRAN HAS XXX FACTOR – ‘Freddies Great British Granny Bang’

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X Factor Wannabe Katie Waissel’s Prostitute Grandma Is A Marvel: Photos

THE news that X-Factor wannabe Katie Waissel granny is an 81-year-old ‘escort’ filled me with joy yesterday. I was soooo impressed. (And let us not forget porn star Ruby Tuesday.)

‘Pensioner Sheila Vogel-Coupe offers sex as a “vintage vamp” under the name of Grand Dame Cecilia Bird and boasts she has clients in their twenties,’ screamed the News of the World in their story wittily headlined ‘Gum and get it’. The Sun calls her the ‘£250-an-hour crinkly tart’ today in its customary cheapo recap of its sister paper’s exclusives.

Read: How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

I must say the Grand Dame looks nothing like her age and demonstrates a wit and canniness young hacks on tabloids can only dream about. She has found the wherewithal to buy her ‘sheltered accommodation’ flat – so the housing association can’t throw her out – and she shortly embarks on a trip to Italy. She dresses elegantly, loathes tattoos, drinks fine red wines and probably uses an expensive mouthwash.

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X Factor: Katie Waissel Gets That Britney Spears Hair Cut

KATIE Waisell, momentarily knocked from the top of the news agenda by Kate Middleton, has “FLED” the X Factor.

Katie Waissel has left the X Factor. The singer who could not be killed off by conventional voting methods has left of her own accord. The Star is factual about “FRAIL” Katie:

KATIE WAISSEL sensationally quit the X Factor house after another week of torment and panic attacks behind the scenes.

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

She has gone. Fact.

Hated wannabe Katie has quit the contestants’ house after another week of behind-the-scenes hell.

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X Factor: Katie Waissel Can Be Killed By Conventional Weapons

KATIE Waissel is the subject of death threats on the internet. The X Factor star has been attacked in electronic media. For shame!

But here come the “COPS” to help Our Katie remain alive and not be killed by someone sat in their bedroom repeatedly hitting the backslash key.

The Sun, which has dedicated more front pages to hating Katei Waissel than it did to Saddam Hussein, says the police are “probing” the death threats.

What says the law?

X Factor lawyers were yesterday investigating The Sun’s revelation that Katie is singing on a US album released last week.

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X Factor: Katie Waissel Joined Jedward On Stage Last Year: Video Proof?

X FACTOR hate figure Katie Waissel was on the show last year, singing with Jedward, those Duracell Gonks.

Wasn’t she?

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.


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X Factor: International Star Katie Waissel Releases Record In US

X FACTOR news now as Katie Waissel puts pen to paper in a “SECRET US Deal” that Simon Cowell knows nothing about. What?! Katie is an international talent preparing for life after she’s been used up and spat out the X Factor machine and recovered from the stress of having stories made up about her?

Anorak pictures Simon Cowell as a yellow-eyed lizard sat atop a pile of steaming effluent, a Jacuzzi of regurgitated bilge labelled “pop factory”.

His agents stand up seducing wide-eyed wannabes into the blender with a wobbling-headed ambulatory Archie Andrews shouting over a baying mob, “KATIE. KATIE. KATIE… That was are incredible. KATIE. KATIE. That was amazing…

Some news, then, that a budding talent managed to sign a recording contract without Cowell’s knowing. Well, not really. She was signed to Chamberlain records, as we told you. And she’s sings on an album by a David Reed, joining him in a duet called Moving Mountains. Katie appears under her stage name Lola Fontaine.

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

Says David:

Moving Mountains is one that defines me– as a songwriter and as a person. I had the life-changing event of meeting the lovely Katie Waissel and she was kind enough to lend her voice to the song. I’m looking forward to you hearing it. In the meantime, here are the lyrics:


But if mountains weren’t meant to move
Then I was meant to stay here with you
Then I was meant to stay here with you
Well I thought I had a good view from my window as a kid
That those mountains protected well I guess they never did

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X Factor: Cheryl Cole Sets Up Katie Waissel For Epic Fall And TV Gold

CHERLY Cole is the X Factor judge who refuses to judge, saving Katie Waissel for another week’s cull. To avert a crisis at the heart of the British judicial system and democracy (and this the mother of parliaments), Cheryl narrows her eyes, pouts her lips, tilts her head and adopts a facial expression the Dali Lama is keen to secure the image rights for, under license – news is that Cheryl has patented it as the Cheryl Careyl.

As for the facts? Well, TreyC Cohen and Katie Waissel are the bottom two acts in terms of public votes secured, and when it come to her vote Caryl says:

“They’re both talented young women and I’m not sending either of them home Dermot. I’m refusing point blank, ask these two [Danni and Louis] and I’ll take it to deadlock.”

Simon Cowell, who often laments the public not voting for talent, and that ambulatory Archie Andrews named Louis Walsh agree that TreyC is the better singer so she has to go. Dannii wants to chuck Katie onto the EU Celebrity Mountain. So, Cheryl will now pick Katie and thus allow the public to decide: least votes secured is out.

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

But then laughably earnest presenter Dermot O’Leary says three votes is enough and TreyC is gone. Katie is saved. Everyone is talking about the TV show being presented as a music contest. Then former Blue Peter Konnie Huq says on the X Factor TV show and makes up something from sticky-backed plastic and crap:

“The reason that the vote didn’t go to deadlock tonight was because Cheryl abstained and then as such, it went to the majority vote as the judges explained.”

It was also the first Saturday in the Month, as such, it looks like rain and it’s approaching Poppy Day. Rules are rules.

And the final rule is that the X Factor is a TV programme, with scripts and editing. It is not real. It is a piece of theatre. Wagner is rubbish but he gets through because he is more entertaining than another cruise ship warbler. Katie gets through because she is so desperate to succeed her failure will be TV gold.

Rather then save Katie, Cheryl has set her up for a monumental fall. Cheers, Cheryl. thank for the good telly…

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

X Factor: Katie Waissel’s Tattoos In Photos Are For The Birds

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X Factor: Katie Waissel’s Tattoos In Photos Are For The Birds

X FACTOR 2010: Want to see Katie Waissel’s tattoos? On the write of her right arm, across the ulner artery, is the legend: “Nothing is impossible” in italics with a small bird fluttering by the last letter, helping the fledgling dream born in the title of a Jerome Kerr inspired Westlife song take flight.

It’s a statement of fact, only with the sloping writing and plump 2D bird less certain.

Katie: next time you want a slogan to affirm your goals go for a hard font, like ‘Arial Black’, capitalise the letters and get an eagle.

On the top of Waissel’s right foot is another small bird, this one with angel-type wings and holding a large musical note in its talons.

The creature is about to fly up Katie’s trouser leg and deliver a “parp” to her ambitions…

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.


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X Factor: Matt Cardle Has Lots Of ‘Respect’ For ‘Stupid’ Katie Waissel

X FACTOR: Matt Cardle says he’s got loadsa “respect” for Kate Waissel. Would that be the same Matt Cardle who called Katie Waissel “a fame hungry twat”, a “dick” and “stupid” before he made a mess of his performance on last week’s show? Anyone else think Matt is covering his arse should he stuff up again and have to endure the sing-off?

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

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Matt Cardle Wants Katie Waissel Kicked Off X Factor: Photos

KATIE Waissel did not have sex with Matt Cardle in the X Factor house. This is a fact. This year’s designated hate figure did also not have sex with “fragile” Cher Lloyd, One Direction nor the smart leatherette chair that sits in the Conditoning lounge. What’s more she has never shagged stallion-like Aiden Grimhaw, the lady killer, nor Wagner, the “randy” “oddball” who really is a potential lady killer – literally.

READ: The story of the non-shag sold as an a tabloid exclusive here.

Says Cardle, the vocal Cuddle:

“That stuff about us being in bed together was absolute bullsh*t. Katie’s a fame hungry tw*t. I can’t say any more about it because nothing happened.”

Nothing happened. Got that? Nothing happened. There is no news. ‘Nuff said. Move on.

“I would never go near her. I’m not speaking to her, I don’t have anything to do with her in the house. I’ve made my feelings absolutely clear and if she doesn’t get it by now then she’s more stupid than I thought.”

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X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd And Katie Waissel Work On Their Hate

THE long gap between the short songs on the X Factor is fuelled by Katie Waissel stories about how much she is “hated”.

The aim is simple: keep Katie in the news headlines and create a polarity of opinion among the show’s fans.

But she’s not alone in being the topic of the PR storm. The tabloid focus is on Katie and Cher Lloyd.

The narrative is that Cher Lloyd is “fragile”. The Mirror reports that Simon Cowell has asked One Direction to look after “fragile” Cher.

And here’s hated Katie, or rather hated Katie’s caring dad Maurice. He tells the Mail:

I’ve had Katie sobbing on the phone to me every night. She’s had death threats sent to her over the internet, and we’ve had to ask the police to intervene. Only the other night, Katie said to me: ‘Dad, what’s the point in going on if everyone hates me?’

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X Factor 2010: Matt Cardle ‘Cheats’ On Katie Waissel With Lauren Cutmore

REMEMBER that story about Matt Cardle bedding Katie Waissel in the X Factor house after a “wild kissing game”? Remember how the NoTW told readers that Matt was a stud-muffin and Katie was needy? Well, on the same day as that scoop the Sunday Mirror says loverboy Matt has had to “sneak off to meet his ex-girlfriend… pretty Lauren Cutmore.”

The story goes that Matt dumped Cutmore with the line: “I stand a better chance if I’m single.


“But he is said to be still besotted with her and took her out for a meal this week.”

Does that make him a love cheat? Does poor Katie know..?

ReadHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel.

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X Factor 2010: How The Bullying Sun Turned Katie Waissel Into The Underdog We Love

KATIE Waissel is not the most dislikeable X Factor product. That one usually wins or gets to sit in judgement. Waissel, who worked at OK!, mingled with BMG supremos, knows Sharon Osbourne (see judges) and Dermot O’Leary’s manager, and opened for East 17 is no mere plucky amateur.

But these facts and her uttering the line, “I just want to be a legend. I want to create a legacy and that’s what I will do” does not mean she must be hated.

Indeed, the pressure piled on Katie Wassiel is such that if it can be cranked up Our Katie can be the show’s underdog and thus become a firm favourite with the UK voting public. Bullying is the X Factor buzzword and, perversely, if Katie can be a victim, she can survive.

Already Joe McElderry, Daryl Johnson and Alex Reid have come out in support of Katie. They care. And they want you to know it.

READHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

But can Katie be made to look more hateful? Here’s Sharon Hendry in the Sun. This is the “dark side of Katie”, the “fame junkie”.

Katie, we learn, has a “supreme self-belief that belies her age – and ability.”

In short, Katie is ambitious and confident. And the tabloids hate ambitious young British women. Hendry wonders:

So what has instilled such incredible self-confidence in someone aged just 24? And why is Waissel so desperate to be worshipped?

Dunno, Sharon. Maybe she wants to do well and has self-belief? And as for her being worshipped, let’s not underplay it, Sharon. Let’s not build up Katie into an even bigger wannabe than she already is and make her look like a cross between Violet Elizabeth Bott, Anthea Turner and Cherie Blair.

Says Sharon:

At first glance there is nothing in her apparently stable, middle-class upbringing that lends itself to such intense self belief

Middle -class and stable?! Where’s the story in that, eh? Unless, you look at, say, Madonna or Lady Gaga who both had good homes. And this is all it is – a glance. Because Katie’s family will not speak with Sharon Hendry. Or as the investigate reporter who offers readers “a glance” at the facts, puts it:

Katie’s glamorous mum Diana is less forthcoming with information, already rudely dismissing journalists.

The X Factor 2010: Where You’ve Seen The Fix Factor Finalists Before

Would this be the same Diana Waissel who told a journalist at Heat magazine:

“She (Katie) may come across as annoying, but she just wants to stand out. She’s learning to handle the criticism. It would be difficult for anyone to take, but the more she receives, the more she’s having to get used to it.”

The same Diana Waissel who writes into the media, in this case the Harrow Observer, to offer her views on a Starbucks in the area:

diana waissel said:
we think that starbucks has improved the passing trade to the high street and brought the community together its better than having another empty shop as there are many closing down

The same Diana Waissel who tells one and all:

“I don’t want that to happen to Katie. She is a team player and a lovely girl. She has a very supportive family. We don’t like all these bullying tactics.”

How rude of Diana Waissel not to want to talk to Henry, a woman adapting an old story who calls her daughter names in print. Shame on her.

Still, one that brighter note, lots more of it and Katie will be the nation’s favourite…

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X Factor 2010: Katie Waisell Now Nation’s Favourite

X FACTOR 2010: Can Katie Waissel be so relentlessly attacked by the tabloids that she ends up being loved by the British who do so love a helpless creature.

Disco Dad Storm Lee sees the potential of getting on with Katie. Will he shag her?

“Why not. We’re really close. She’s a bit of a muse for me.”

READHow The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

Storm then undoes his own work by called Lady Gaga a “bit of a soulmate”. Yeah, Gaga has a soul – and you thought she was Madonna’s camel, an empty hybrid of all pop’s marketable bits wrapped in cow fat.

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X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel’s Magic Bracelet And A PR Hotline

X FACTOR 2010: Katie Waissel looks to Cheryl Cole in her 89 seconds of need. Backstage at the X Factor, Katie says: “Please don’t hate me.”

Another day and with it another chance to look at the Spin Factor. The Mirror looks on as Cheryl Cole “rushed to calm her protégé” (the one she hardly speaks to). Waissel is “borderline hysterical“.

How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

The tin lid is placed on Katie’s box in the from of a “huge diamanté crown with beads and costume jewellery”. She will wear this to sing Beatles hit Don’t Let Me Down.

Katie sees the crown and reacts:

“This is a joke. I don’t want to wear it. You can’t make me wear this s***. Stop making me do all this. Let me just sing, be me. I want it to be about my voice, not this s*** you’re making me wear. I look ridiculous.”

Such are the facts. No, readers, this is not some cynical PR plot to distance Katie from the stack of sun visors she wore on the first show and make her look warmer and more likeable. This is what really went down – word for word and overheard by someone who can recall the words and then tell the Mirror’s Clemie Moodie.

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X Factor 2010: The Cher Lloyd Sex Doll And Hating Katie Waissel

X FACTOR 20201 and the Mail goes with a front-page picture of open-mouthed women: Mary Bryne agape and so too is Cher Lloyd.

Pick your sex doll, readers. Mary has teeth and a likeability. Cher’s is fuller-lipped and requires a lot less puff to inflate.

But not every woman on the show is everyone is equally shaggable.
Take Katie Waissel, who is pictured on the Sun’s front page with hand over her mouth.

The Sun has decided that the woman whose actually given us an orgasm face on video is not worthy of readers’ lusty thoughts. The talk is of “fan fury as flop Katie reprieved”.

Lucy Connolly continues with our scoop that Katie had a record contract and knowledge of BMG executes and Sharon Osbourne, and says, “viewers were livid last night after judges including Cheryl Cole saved Katie Waissel from the boot.”

Someone call Katie a “goblin. Another calls her “horrendous”. As rage goes the “fans’ fury” isn’t all that furious. In fact, the impression you get is that the Sun dislikes Waissell for being nothing more than ambitious. And the tabloids hate a young woman with ambition.

Indeed, the Sun is not even consistent in its owen story. One commenter says Katei Waissel:

“I don’t get is – sorry.”

Nor all that harsh, is it. But another voice says Wagner is “rubbish”; another calls Storm Lee a “clown”; a third calls Nicolo Festa a “weirdo”; a fourth says Diva Fever are a “bad idea”. Is that fan fury?

On Sunday’s results show we saw FYC all but praying to be put through. Faces contorted in pleading, desperate hope they sweated and knotted hands. But they are men. They are not “fame hungry”, only Katie is.

It is her story. Cher, for instance, is “fragile”, even thought we have heard about her beating up a classmate at school.

But the Sun, as all tabloids, ultimately realises that when a woman wants to get on it’s all about sex, and only about sex. So, inside across two pages Katie is wide-mouthed and wider-eyed. Cher, Mary and Treyc Cohen are also agog, agape and a-gasping.

And the most shaggbale wins…

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X Factor 2010: Week One Live Blog Results (Wagner Lives, FYD Die And Waissel Threatens)

KATIE Waissel is through to the next round of the X Factor. In the bottom three, Katie saw off a likeable Nicolo and FYD  , the most desperate act ever to appear on the telly, with a rendition of Dwon’t Leyyyyt Meeee Dowhhn.

Of course Katie was always going through. She’s the professional singer with the BMG connections and a decent slot towards the end of the Saturday night show.

Simon Cowell wonder why Katie did not sing that on the Saturday night show? Listen to the words , Simon. Don’t. Let. Me. Down! Is That a threat? Does she know something?

But the most important thing on the X Factor was not Katie’s survival. It was not toothsome Joe McElderry singing about his Happy Days in the Ambitions diner with Richie Cunningham.

The most important thing was that Wagner made it through.

Wagner can save the show and break up the PR-led onslaught on record sales and the Cheryl Cole bandwagon that encourages us to see all sorts of wonder and talent in the lip-syncing singer that just isn’t there?

And no other act plays the bongos. And so no other act has as much chance of failing and being spotted years from now reliving the glory days on the London Underground.

Save Wagner and make our future journeys to work interesting…

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X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel’s OK! Job And Naked Pictures

X FACTOR 2010: X Factor finalist Katie Waissel used to work at OK! magazine. Yeah, the singer who is more than an enthusiastic amateur once was once on Richard Desmond’s payroll. He owns the Daily Star, the paper that has reported  her as being one of “the singers from hell“.

Waissel worked in the magazine’s advertising department. Says a former colleague:

Every day she’d bring a banjo and sit there plucking it.”

Well, if it helps you to get the job and get it done…

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X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel’s Cheryl Cole Snog And Cher Lloyd Is Dot Cotton?

X FACTOR 2010 contender and alleged dwarf snogger Katie Waissel says of Cheryl Cole, her and Cher Lloyd’s mentor on the show:

“You can tell she has the biggest heart and it’s no wonder she is the nation’s favourite lady.”

Only a cynic would award Waissel the Order Of The Brown Nose and start panting into a sick bag. But let us give the budding singer some credit. She did not compare Cheryl Cole to Princess Diana nor use the phase “nation’s sweetheart”.

READ: How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

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