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Sad Keanu Reeves Leaks On To The Missouri Korean War Memoria

SAD Keanu Reeves has leaked off the internet and is on a poster for the Missouri Korean War Memorial:

Reddit user XshibumiX spots the leak:

“I was walking by the banner for the Missouri Korean War Memorial when something in the artist’s rendition caught my eye…”

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Posted: 9th, September 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Keanu Reeves Is Sad On His Birthday: Photos To Make You Laugh

KEANU Reeves recently had a birthday. He had party. We’ve obtained exclusive photos of the do. It was a right tear up. Sad Keanu was there. In these picture Keanu will bring a smile to your face. If you don’t find these photos funny, Keanu will be sadder than sad…


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Only Marcus Brigstocke Can Make Keanu Reeves Smile: A Meme Is Born

KEANU Reeves was the stand-out meme star of 2010. He’s on the Graham Norton show tomorrow night. Can he affect a new pose that will set the internet alight once more?

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Posted: 6th, January 2011 | In: TV & Radio | Comment