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Kelvin MacKenzie calls Everton’s mixed-race footballer Ross Barkley a ‘Gorilla’

They’ve only gone and called the police to investigate Sun columnist Kelvin Mackenzie on suspicion of being a racist. Former editor Kelvin MacKenzie used his column in the paper to liken Everton footballer Ross Barkley to a gorilla. Barkley is mixed race by way of a Nigerian grandfather. MacKenzie, reviled on Merseyside for his leading part in the Sun’s appalling Hillsborough coverage, has behaved despicably. The Guardian says he claimed Barkley “had deserved to be punched at a nightclub because he was similar to an animal in a zoo”.

MacKenzie wrote in the Sun:

“Perhaps unfairly, I have always judged Ross Barkley as one of our dimmest footballers. There is something about the lack of reflection in his eyes which makes me certain not only are the lights not on, there is definitely nobody at home.

“I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo. The physique is magnificent but it’s the eyes that tell the story.”

Hideous, reprehensible comment. For added spite – and this on the eve of the Hillsborough anniversary –  Mackenzie aimed a few low blows at the people of Liverpool:

kelvin mackenzie ross everton gorilla


It’s pathetic tripe.

But narking to the police is weird and unsettling. It suggests we can’t police ourselves, that we aren’t robust enough to spot a berk in the crowd when we see one and treat them with derision and ridicule. We need official back up. We need our words policed.

The Bizzies.

The same police who treated dying fans at Hillsborough as a public order problem will now police speech and thoughts. The State’s enforcers who perpetuated the biggest police cover-up in British history have been called in to investigate a man who approved and defended a shameful article that smeared the innocent dead. (Although, a mere 23 years after “The Truth” even Mackenzie apologised.) Never mind that Hillsborough can be linked to the State’s war on football fans, on whom all draconian forms of control could be tested, just get a load of that big mouthed media goon. He’s the real problem. Well, so says the media, which likes nothing more than talking about itself.

The Troll

The Sun’s “The Truth” report on Hillsborough was revolting. To anyone sane the paper’s lies always have been indefensible. The Sun‘s infamous headline and lies weren’t produced in isolation – the paper colluded with police and politicians to criminalise the victims. Society raged loudly about the paper. Meanwhile, it took decades for the dignified bereaved to drag the police to court. After a mere 27 years of struggle, the State decided the dead were blameless. What we knew was only now official. Even now the survivors and the people who lost so much in 1989 are waiting for justice.

In the meantime, Kelvin Mackenzie makes for an inviting (and deserving) Aunt Sally.


kelvin mackenzie ross everton gorilla


The Allegation

Merseyside police say they received an online complaint from a member of the public alleging that “comments written about a third party constituted a racial hate crime”. If you think it’s a hate crime, then it is one. Maybe.

And it’s politicised. Liverpool mayor, Joe Anderson, tweeted to say he had reported the article to Merseyside police and the Press Complaints Commission for being a “racial slur”.

He then criticised Everton for not copying Liverpool, which banned the Sun from matches and press conferences. Liverpool has also blocked the Sun from interviewing its manager and players. “@Everton 😱Your lack of action in banning the S*n from your press conferences is a smack in the face to our City”, he tweeted.

MacKenzie might well worry when Joey Barton, someone who knows more than most about smacks to the face, becomes the voice of reason. The Scouse footballer tweeted: “Those comments about Ross Barkley, a young working class lad are disgusting. Then add in the fact he is mixed race! It’s becomes outrageous.”

It is. It’s abysmal. It’s incredible the Sun published it. But it’s not a crime. It’s one man’s idiotic, rude and ugly to-deadline opinion.

UPDATE: the Sun has suspended Kelvin MacKenzie.

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Kerching: Kelvin MacKenzie uses Sun column to promote

Writing in the Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie praises the readers who saved money on their household insurance with a website called


kelvin mackenzie


MacKenzie goes into some detail on how the savings were made.


kelvin mackenzie


At no point in the story does Kelvin Mackenzie tell readers that the site was founded by one…Kelvin MacKenzie. kelvin

kelvin mackenzie


For reasons of space, Kelvin is unable to mention other money-saving websites in this week’s column.

Such are the facts.



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David Dinsmore made Sun editor because of his hair – it follows a pattern

CONGRATULATIONS to David Dinsmore on being named new editor of the Sun, the country’s most popular tabloid. He replaces Dominic Mohan, moved upstairs at News Corp. But how did Dinsmore get the job? We’ve noticed a pattern. The Sun editors in order are as follows:

No Hair

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson (left) holds a cheque for the Journalists' Charity with David Dinsmore at a charity lunch at Simpson's in the Strand in London.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson (left) holds a cheque for the Journalists’ Charity with David Dinsmore at a charity lunch at Simpson’s in the Strand in London.

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Hurrah for Kelvin MacKenzie the Southern Party ponce unafraid to be recognised as a tabloid hero

KELVIN MacKenzie is a one-man circus. The Sun should bring back its former editor. He know how to rile and get a noticed. Kelvin saus he want to create “The Southern Party”. It will stand up for the “overtaxed and over-burdened” Southerners. He advocates Home Rule for England’s South:

As a standalone entity, the people of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and London are 18th in the global GDP league, just ahead of Indonesia and just behind Turkey. If you took this region out of the UK economy, it would be called Ethiopia.

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Kelvin MacKenzie says he’s a victim of Hillsborough

KELVIN MacKenzie is a victim of Hillsborough. The stammering apologiser who as Sun editor created the infamous “THE TRUTH” headline that stated as fact Liverpool fans had been complicit in their own deaths, writes in the Spectator:

“Now I know – you know, we all know – that the fans were right. But it took 23 years, two inquiries, one inquest and research into 400,000 documents, many of which were kept secret under the 30-year no-publication rule, to discover there was a vast cover-up by South Yorkshire Police about the disaster. Where does that leave me?”

Because Kelvin likes to weigh up all the evidence before declaring what the truth is.

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Kelvin MacKenzie doorstepped over Hillsborough – video

KELVIN MacKenzie has been doorstepped over Hillsborough. Enjoy:

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Kelvin Mackenzie finally apologises for the Sun’s Hillsborough lies – again

THE 96 Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough in 1989 had their names besmirched by the police and the media. Finally, 23 years later, Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie has apologised for the Sun‘s coverage.

In the face of massive evidence that the police lied to protect themselves and people died who could have been saved, Mackenzie apologises.

We’ve been her before. In 2007, MacKenzie said on BBC1’s Question Time that he had only apologised for reporting as “TRUTH” the lie that Liverpool fans had been masters of their own fate – “Some fans picked the pockets of victims. Some fans urinated on brave cops” –  because Rupert Murdoch had told him to.

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Hillsborough: Sun reporter says Kelvin MacKenzie created the headline “The Truth”

HARRY Arnold tells BBC TV’s Hillsborough: Searching for the Truth that it was editor Kelvin MacKenzie who created the headline “The Truth”. On 15 April 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives at Hillsborough football ground. They were in Sheffield for the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Harry Arnold was a Sun reporter from 1976 to 1990. He tells the show:

“On the Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie was the rather controversial editor at the time, he liked to write his own headlines. He wrote the headline ‘The Truth’, and the reason I know that is I was about to leave the newsroom when I saw him drawing up the front page.”

The Sun yelled:

“The Truth – Some fans picked pockets of victims Some fans urinated on the brave cops Some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life.”

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Susan Boyle Extends Her Sympathies To Gordon Brown

susan-boyle-nutsSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s-at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news – featuring the madness of Susan Boyle, Gordon Brown and Britain Wot Talent?

You Scum!

Today she’s in a London psychiatric clinic, suffering from “emotional exhaustion.” Thanks to us – Lauren Beckham Falcone, Boston Herald

Turning Her Back On Fame

“She told me that after the final, she wants to come back and resume her previous life,” one of Boyle’s neighbours, 24-year-old housewife Vicky McLean, told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“She doesn’t want to make millions and go to America, she just wants to sing. I think all she really hopes to have out of it is enough money to buy her house”AFP

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Barack Obama Watch: Hysterically Historic Non-Black Winner

BARACK Obama Watch: Obama is elected and the press is divided about the politician: is he black, historic, black and historic, not black and historic, historic in a non-black black way?


“It’s not about black or white. It’s about grey. What grey matter has the new President of the United States”Kelvin MacKenzie, The Sun

“Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell shed a tear as Obama wept to victory as the first black president” The Sun

“Barack didn’t put himself forward as an Afro-American president, but as a president” – Colin Powell, who does not edit The Sun.

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