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Kentucky Man Who Made Friend Eat His Own Beard In Lawnmower Row Faces Jail

WHAT news of Harvey Westmoreland, the man forced to eat his own beard at the point of knives and guns? Back in November 2010, Troy Holt and James Hill man Harvey Westmoreland got into a row with his pals Troy Holt and James Hill over the sale of a lawnmower. As Harvey told:

They cut my beard and forced me to eat it.”

The matter reached court. Holt and Hill were given five years probation for assault, terroristic threatening and unlawful imprisonment. They were told to pay the victim $570 restitution. They were placed on probation.

But Holt didn’t pay. Now he faces jail.

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Kentucky To Build Noah’s Ark: Al Gore’S Home Might Yet Float

THEY are building a huge Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky. Mike Zovath, of the Answers in Genesis ministry, the organisation that gave Kentucky the Creation Museum, says the Ark will be a massive success.

Ark 2: Don’t Forget the Dinosaurs will cost $150 million.  But will it float when the ice caps melt? Better, perhaps, to move into Al Gore’s Peoples’ Ark and see out the flood with decent heating and an en-suite bathroom…

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Bullets Fly At Pregnant Bachelorette Party

bacholorette-partyTO Kentucky, where bullets are flying at a bachelorette party.

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