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Britain’s Got Talent Is For Mum And Dad’s Dead Ambitions

BRITAIN’S Got Talent was once a simple contest. Monarchists vied to perform for the Queen. And we tuned in. Then Susan Boyle failed to win and everyone wanted to be like her and, er, not win the show. The latest talent to wear the mantle of “Boyle Wannabe” is
Chloe Hickinbottom.

Boyle. Hinkinsbottom. When Ivor Catheter get t he guts to sing, we’ll have a Dickensian Gang Show.

Having crooned and warbled her way through White Cliffs of Dover, the song made famous by Vera Lynn, and thereby secured the granny vote, Hinkinbottom says:

“Now I’ve got through I can show off my voice more… I’d really like to be a professional singer like Mariah Carey or Susan Boyle.”

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Posted: 19th, April 2010 | In: TV & Radio | Comment