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Killer Bitch Beaten: Machete Is Worst Film Of All Time

KILLER Bitch, starring Katie’s Price’s walking Toffee Crips Alex Reid, was the worst film of all time. But that was then. Today, Robert Rodriguez’s Machete is the worst film of all time.  Robert De Niro is in it. In a cowboy hat. Michelle Rodriguez is also in in it. In a bra top and gun. And you are in it up to your neck in nachos…

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez arriving for the S.W.A.T World premiere at the Mann Village Theatre, Los Angeles, California.

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Katie Price Topples Over, Barry George Lined Up For Alex Reid’s Rape Film

alex reid rape KATIE Price – Peter Andre Divorce: Alex Reid’s disabled rape movie, raped Katie Price’s fight night and stalker Barry George acts up…

Daily Mirror: “Jordan’s lover in new movie shame”

After the rape flick comes a “new movie nightmare” for Jordan’s Robbie Jackson look-alike lover Alex Reid.

Exclusive: New film starring Jordan’s lover Alex Reid features scene where a disabled woman is raped and murdered.

A home movie? A new anti-benefits cheat campaign by the Tories? No. It’s Killer Bitch, the straight-to-Out Patients film starring Alex Reid as Dean Gaffney’s look-alike. The Scene:

Office actress Julie Fernandez is to be dragged out of her wheelchair and assaulted by a character played by former football thug Jason Marriner. The source added: “This set-piece was on the cards from day one. Alex knew about it. It was scripted from the beginning and is one of the most violent pieces in the film, which takes some doing. Quite how Julie’s character is going to be raped and murdered is going to be sorted on the day and depends how far she wants to go.”

Do you see – it was “scripted from the beginning” but the actual scene has yet to be, er, sorted out?

Actress Julie has brittle bone disease, we learn. The guessing is that’s she won’t want to go that far. But the film looks to go further. What it lacks in script, plot, direction and acting talent it makes up for in sensation:

Spokesman Surjit Singh Clair “revealed producers are in talks with misfit Barry George, who was cleared of the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando, over a possible role in the movie.”

Perhaps George could play the film’s viewer peering through the goings on through fingers knitted over his face? Literally…

While Katie Price’s lover stars in dire film, the is more news:

Marie Claire: “Katie Price beaten up by gypsy fighters!

What?! Is she in the film, and all?

The Straits Times has more:

“Jordan pushed over at fight”

Was she pushed or did she – you know – topple over?

Much to debate. But it’s Metro that best sums up the scene at the aftershow party for the Extreme Brawl event in West London on Saturday.

“Jordan and Reid in ugly cage fight brawl”

Pictures everywhere.Or as the Mirror’s 3am Girls scream:

Jordan snubs her friends for night in with Alex Reid

Such are the facts…

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Raped Katie Price Keeps Her Head High And Her Arse Higher

7619345KATIE Price tells OK! magazine readers that she has been raped. The revelation is on the magazine’s cover: “I’VE BEEN RAPED.”


And so you know what to make of someone being raped, OK! tells you that it’s “HEARTBREAKING”.

Inside and Lisa Byrne is already analysing the effect the rapes have had on Katie Price:

“This probably explains a lot about Katie’s psyche – and why she is so tough and carries on through a crisis with her head held high.”

And her arse held higher.

And then comes a health warning, as Lisa Byrne turns OK! into a social service organ and publishes the number for Rape Crisis.

Katie’s rape is big news:

The Sun (front page): “Jordan: My Rape Ordeal”

Daily Mirror (front page): “I was raped says Jordan”

Daily Star (front page): “I’ve been raped”

Daily Express (front page): “I was raped more than once says Katie Price”

OK! tells us that when Katie Piece was six she was sexually assaulted, licked in the park by a man who offered her an ice-cream.

In her OK! Agony Aunt columns, Katie makes her shock rape ‘n’ tell in light of news that her current lover, Alex Reid, is playing a rapist in a film called Killer Bitch:

“Rape is a subject very close to my heart. I was raped when I was younger, more than once… Someone who was close to Alex was also raped and he is as horrified as I am by these claims.”

So it’s not a rape film, then? Which would explain why on the film’s website, the following boasts/ warnings are featured prominently:

* “A vile and degrading hardcore porn movie.” (Perth Now, Australia)

* “Exploitation film… torture-porn… modern horror” (Irish Independent)

* “Vile and degrading… sickening footage… scenes too vile to describe… unsavoury, shocking and unsuitable movie.” (News of the World)

* “Violent, aggressive… icky stuff” (

Katie then tells us that Alex is in a “different league” to her former shag partner Andre Pinto, who told his shag ‘n’ tell to the tabloids.

As for the rapists, well no names are named. But Katie Price’s victim status has been established.

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Katie Price’s Lover Alex Reid In Rape Video Shock

killer-bitchKATIE Price and Peter Andre Divorce: Katie Price’s new man stars in “hardcore porn” film Killer Bitch with children’s telly star and Jordan is a “slag”…

Carole Aye Maung and Dan Wootton tell NOTW readers:

JORDAN’S new boyfriend is starring in a vile and degrading hardcore porn film, the News of the World can reveal. We have seen sickening footage from the film Killer Bitch shot YESTERDAY which shows cage-fighter Alex Reid in a disgusting rape and strangling scene.

Not good rape. This is “disgusting rape”. So “DISGUSTING” is it that beneath a picture of Reid with his hand about a woman’s throat, the NOTW writes:

“DISGUSTING: Reid throttles co-star Yvette.”

Ready to be disgusted some more?

The disgusting footage we have seen filmed in woods in Capel, Surrey, shows Reid, 34, stripping co-star Yvette Rowland down to her red and black lingerie before straddling her. Grunting and swearing coarsely, he pulls down his jeans and his Calvin Klein underpants to expose himself fully for the cameras. The next scenes are too vile to describe in a family paper but end with him grabbing Yvette in a stranglehold and throttling her.

Too vile to describe in a family newspaper. (Yvette Rowland was once in children’s telly show Byker Grove). But they’re fine for the NOTW. And which in the Sunday People mutates into:


The People knows and having told readers, “neither he nor Yvette went totally naked”, hears a soruce trill: “Neither Alex or Yvette had any problems with stripping off.”

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