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In Pictures: The Killers Permiere – Holfit Golan Outlasts Aston Kutcher And Katherine Heigl

TO the premier of Killers, the Ashton Kutcher – Katherine Heigl show in which the saviour of planet earth, the punked guy who tweets pictures of Demi Moore’s arse plays a suave professional assassin. Nope. Not a comedy. Heigl is the love interest. They fall in love and marry; she is ignorant of his job; someone wants him dead. (Hofit Golan is not in it.)


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Hofit Golan arriving for the UK Premiere of Killers, at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London.

The film is as good as its premier liggers, so along to the London premiere came felt-tip faced Bianca Gascoigne, Emily Themis, Katerina Themis and Sophia Port of Candy Rock (?), Katie Price impersonator Cantelle Houghton – copying Jordan must be like hitting moving target – and Blake.

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Armed Courses: Sending The Troops Into Britain’s Schools

THE Conservatives have unveiled their “Troops For Teachers” scheme. “SEND IN ARMY TO SORT OUT SCHOOLS,” says the Express on its cover.

The Sun says servicemen and women “would be paid to re-train as teachers on leaving the forces in a bid to boost tough inner-city schools.”

Yeah, nothing like a few trained killers in the tuck shop to teach those cocky kebab shop knifers what’s what.

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