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Kim Kardashian’s disaster tourism trip to Oprah’s Haiti therapy suite

KIM Kardashian has been to Haiti. The National Enquirer watches the earth move and screams:


The NE says the trip to Haiti was all part of Kim Kardashian’s plan to make herself look good. During a 48-hour stay, Kim and her mother Kris Jenner checked into the $1,000 a-night Presidential suite at the Karibe Hotel, “the best lodging in Port –au-prince” – a title akin to being the poshest woman in Wayne Rooney’s harem. Most damaging of all, Kim and her momager met orphans bussed in to meet her and after shaking hands, reportedly, wiped her paws with hand sanitizer.

This is compared and contrasted to the goodness of Oprah Winfrey, who visited the J/P HRO settlement camp and passed the time “talking with some of the refugees through an interpreter”. Like Kim, she was well photographed.

A source says:

“Oprah believed Kim went down to Haiti to soley repair her image, and not to help out with the relief effort.”

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