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Celebrity Is Underwater For 120 Minutes, And Lives

6495278KIMBERLY Stewart is an “ambassador”, say Hello!. Who isn’t? You are now official ambassadors for the readers of Anorak. Congrats and maximum respect due, your Excellency.

Stewart is an ambassador for fresh20, which is a charity promoting fresh water. She advertises the need for fresh drinking water by submerging herself in swimming pool while full clothed.

“She was underwater for a total of 120 minutes.”

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Posted: 10th, November 2009 | In: Hello! | Comment

How to Be A Famous Model

amber-le-bonTHAT’S Amber Le Bon, daughter of model Yasmin Le Bon and Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon walking the catwalk at Milan’s Moschino fashion show.

It truly is incredible the way in which the daughter of model-pop coupling always look like the model and not the non-model dad.

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Tits For Tatler: Sados Geldof, Wood And Stewart

RULES of celebrity journalism, No. 3:

All daughters of popstars, however ugly the man, always – always! – take their looks from their model and/or blonde mums.

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