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Pro King Abdullah Protesters Smash Up Agence France-Presse Offices: News Production Is Cheap

THE office’s of French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) have being vandalised by a crowd in Amman, Jordan. Club-wielding men broke into the offices and smashed up equipment and furniture, a day after about 300 protesters held a demonstration outside the AFP offices to denounce a report two days ago which said that the motorcade of King Abdullah had been pelted with stones. The report, also carried by the Associated Press, was denied by the government.

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Obama Did Not Bow To Abdullah

BARACK Obama did not bow to King Abdullah. He contorted. He did not shake hands. He extended.

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Obama Contorts For Abdullah

BARACK Obama nods to Her Majesty. Barack Obama moons for Abdullah.

Greater WIngnuttia is all alarums and excursions because Obama “bowed down” before KIng Abdullah of Saudi Arabia; they’ve even done the hard research and checked Miss Manners to prove that this portends the immediate imposition of sharia law all throughout the American Heartland. Of course, when you watch the video that Malkin claims proves Obama was kowtowing to the Muslim Monarch, you note that Obama is about a foot taller than Abdullah, and so had to kind of contort himself to get into any sort of position to shake the sheikh’s hand.

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Barack Obama Moons Queen Repects King Abdullah

BARACK Obama mnight just about be the last person left to believe his own hype.

Compare and contrast his meeting with the sexy Her Majesty Queen of England, head of his nation’s great ally and champion of democracy – a nod and “Yeah – ha-ha – whatever”:

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