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The Weirdest Michael Jackson Birthday Tributes

michael-jackson-tribute2MICHAEL Jackson is celebrating his birthday today. Well, he would have been were he not dead. Still, Google has marked the auspicious day with a new icon and Old Mr Anorak has been piping Jackson music into our ears and propofol gas into our lungs.

Jackson was the King of Pop when he died. and in the intervening weeks he’s become the balding, drug addled, sperm sniffing man we’ve come to celebrate.

Now, finally Jackson can be left in piece – at least he can once the concert’s ended, the reality show has faded from memory and there is no longer any controversy surrounding the death of a man who was not nearly as well-balanced, tough and together as he looked.

Spike Lee Tribute in Prospet Park, NY


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Michael Jackson Buried in Las Vegas

neverland2MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news- Jackson burined in Las Vegas, La Toya has 100 news songs, malware, the Stasi, benzodiazepines and Miley Cyrus is dead…

CelebBuzz: “Neverland Ranch: Moving to Las Vegas?”

E! Online reports that plans are underway to move Michael Jackson’s former home, Neverland Ranch, from Santa Barbara, California, to Las Vegas so that it can become Sin City’s newest tourist attraction… adding a museum, theater, and a burial plot where fans could pay their respects to the fallen King of Pop.

Attractions include the Nosorium, the Moonwalk – a moving pavement taking less mobile Americans through Jackson’s life all the way to the burial slab which lights up as you touch it and at midnight opens to start the Werewolf Show.

“The idea is to take physically everything that’s not part of the dirt and reassemble it in Las Vegas,” a source reveals.

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Michael Jackson Didn’t Speak For A Month Before He Died

michael-jackson-on-stage-making-speech-at-his-fan-club-party-at-the-equinox-club-leicester-square-half-lengthMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Want to know what Michael Jackson’s last words were?

The Daily Star knows. The Daily Star was there. The Daily Star is OK!’s more uprmarket sister organ; and it was OK! that brought readers a picture of Jackson breathing his last, a shot for which it selflessly paid out $500,000. Only OK! cared enough to equip a picture of a dying man with the legend “IN LOVING MEMORY”.

Jackson was, of course, a great dad/ paedo/ entertainer/ joker / table-tennis player so let’s play along. Can you guess what Wako Jacko/ The King of Pop / The paedo gay tranny nutter’s last word’s were?

a) Maddie
b) Bubblezzzzz
c) Kiss me Lawrence
d) I foresee a great funeral contest over me
e) I am still alive!
f) Anorak. Old father.
g) It is one giant weep for one, and one giant weep for mankind

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