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Hello!: Toni Terry’s Figure, Vanessa Perroncel’s Coffee, Kirsty Gallagher’s Magical Birth And EastEnders At 25

hello2HELLO! magazine – we read it so you don’t have to: John Terry and Toni Terry are “STILL IN LOVE”; TV’S KIRSTY GALLAGHER introduces Jude The Dude; and EastEnders celebrates 25 years of searching for a stable family unit…

The Terrys’ All Sold of Chelsea are given this delicious comment by a source:

“The marriage is solid. It will work.”

John Terry: Wayne Bridge’s Lover Vanessa Perroncel In Pictures (NSFW)

Well, who is to say what works for other people? If allegedly shagging loadsa other women including your best mate’s lover and mother to his son keeps you solid, so be it. Rock on.

Toni, we learn, is a “shapely brunette”. Vanessa Perroncel is friends with Suzi Walker, former wife of former Spurs ‘keeper Ian Walker, he of the uber alles hair-do who cheated on her with a dancer. Suzi says she had coffee with Perroncel. Suzi says Toni is “sweet”.

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