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Cute Dog Returns Lost Items for KLM Airlines

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, uses a beagle (name: Sherlock, not Van Der Valk ) to help deliver items left by passengers landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to their rightful owners.

You know that contraband you thought better of bringing though customs? Well, here’s Sherlock coming to give it to…

Shoo! SHOO!!!


Posted: 24th, September 2014 | In: The Consumer | Comment (1)

KLM Airline lets passengers avoid sitting next to a fat Muslim

KLM Airline lets passengers scan Facebook profiles to see who else is on their plane. They can then chose a seat to best pester the pretty blonde, avoid the bearded man reading the Koran, get close to a few children, dodge the fat and stalk the famous…

KLM’s Meet & Seat lets you find out about interesting people who will be on board your KLM flight such as other passengers attending the same event as you at your destination. Simply share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile through Manage my Booking. Next, check other passengers’ profile details and where they’ll be sitting. Of course you can also choose your seat.

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