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Knife Crime: Black Youths Turn To Sharpened Carrots

BLACK crime. Knives. Ban the knives. But the toughs are moving on.

Needs must. Carrots. Peeld into a sharp point. A video:

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Axe Crime Is The New Knife Crime

AXE crime is the new knife crime – shocking facts in Daily Mirror:

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How Barack Obama Will Save Bridgend, End Knife Crime And Sadness

IN it’s news review of the year, the Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead takes readers “from the election of Barack Obama to economic meltdown, from the Beijing Olympics to the Baby P trial”. She “recalls the year’s best and worst times”.

But rather than being a time to reflect and make sense of things, Aitkenhead ends with a spot of mawkish media sensation, a spot of Mourn Porn:

Perhaps the saddest place of all in Britain was Bridgend, where another young suicide in August brought the total to 23 since 2007. The mystery of why so many youngsters did want to die was one no one could answer.

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Long Knives Needed: No. 10 Spinning Death On Knife Crime

KNIFE Crime update: spinning death

Sir Michael Scholar, head of the UK Statistics Authority, says officials pleaded with No 10 not to release “unchecked” and “selective” numbers.

Yesterday, Number 10 and the Home Office said there had been a sharp fall in the number of teenagers caught carrying knives in England and hospital admissions due to knife wounds in areas targeted by police.

As Anorak notes, it’s cold out there. Knife crime might be seasonal. Brrrr. Best wait until March when the ‘Tackling Knives Action Programme’ ends to see what’s what. Don’t just publish one part of the numbers. Publish them all.

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Knife Crime And Media Scare Stories: 1981 Revisited

“FOR David,” says the Sun’s editorial on David Idowu who was knifed to death earlier this year.

It’s a tragic water of life. But that’s enough about David, because the Sun is soon using his death to lead into a piece on the wider malaise of “Broken Britain”.

Crime figures reveal a small dip in knife crime “largely due to increased stop-and search action”. Brrr! It’s cold out there. Anyone want to fight now or wait until the summer when we get to stay out late?

The solution:

“…increasing stop and search operation.”

Cast your minds back to 1981 when the ‘Sus’ law meant anybody could be stopped and searched if officers merely suspected they might be planning to carry out a crime. In early April that year, Operation Swamp Sussed more than 1,000 people in six days.

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Mr Sick Joker: Children Stick Knife-Sharp Pins In Babies

THE Sun says HMV is glorifying knife crime – by selling Batman badges featuring the “deadly weapons”.

For £2.99, children, adults can buy a badge of The Joker “framed by a circle of 12 blades”.

“Yet the only warning on the packs said that the pin on the back could hurt babies.”

While Anorak puts that warning to the test, showing a picture of knives to babies and then testing their sensitivity to pain, shopper Nadia Cooke is in a branch of HMV with her 11-year-old sister and 15-year-old brother.

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