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Knitting reduces fear of crime in Leicester parks

police leicester  copy

TO  Bede Park and Great Central Way Leicesters, where Leicestershire Police have been “guerilla knitting”. By stringing up pom-poms from trees, police hope to reduce the fear of crime.

Charlotte Bilby, a senior lecturer in criminology at Northumbria University, thinks it a good idea to wrap the park in cotton wool, and to house police officers in trees:

“I think that making an area look cosier certainly makes an area feel safer. If you see something that makes you smile, that makes you think that other people have enjoyed being in that space, then that’s going to change your perception.” 

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The Anatomical Heart Needle Felting Kit

knit-a-new-heartEVER wanted to knit yourself a new heart? Well, now you can with the Anatomical Heart Needle Felting Kit from Fancy Tiger.

This kit includes everything you need to make two super cute hearts. You get several colors of wool roving, a foam safety cube, one barbed felting needle and easy to follow instructions.

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Italian Woman Aged 98 Spends 30 Hours Knitting In Earthquake

AMID the rubble and hurt in Italy, Maria D’Antuono, 98, is rescued.

She says she passed the 30-hour waiting to be saved by knitting.

What can you knit in 30 hours?

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Police Order Woman To Knit Her Punishment

POLICE LOG: Crime in the news…

Jumpers For Tyres:

An 89-year-old grandmother who went on a tyre-wrecking spree in her street has been ordered to knit jumpers for her victims.

Heidi Kohl, from western Germany, was arrested after one neighbour spotted her slashing the tyres on a car. She later confessed that she had resorted to drastic measures after becoming “fed up” with so many drivers parking in her neighbourhood.

Kohl was initially told that she would be fined for her behaviour, but authorities came up with the more unusual punishment after the woman claimed she would be unable to pay.

A spokeswoman confirmed: “When she’s knitted the sweaters, then the matter will be over for us.”

Something in stripes should do it…


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