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Norwegian girl’s Knife Game Song gives British border police an idea

HAVE you heard the ‘Knife Game Song’? It’s the new tune that all would -be immigrants and migrant workers hoping to live in David Cameron’s ‘Broken Britain’ have to sing. The song is the work of Hanna Fylling Ellingseter, a Norwegian girl with a dream of eating like the locals do a kebab shop in South London:

Spotter: Reddit

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Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen Glamorises Knives In Metro – The Daily Mail’s Sister Paper

GOSSIP Girl actress Taylor Momsen tells Metro readers that she relaxes by flicking her switchblade open and shut.

“I have a knife collection. I have my favourite black knife with me all the time. It’s a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it. I close it and open it.”

Taylor Momsen – Eyes And Thighs

Can you imagine – try to get your head around it? – if the Daily Mail heard that a paper that can be read by impressionable kids glamorised knives? Yeah, the Daily Mail, sister paper to the, er, Metro.

Taylor Momsen Is Thinking Of Haiti And Her Record: Pictures

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Knife Crime: Snith On A Switch And Gnarls Barkley

HEY, kids! Wanna get revenge on a classmate? Here’s how. It’s easy:

Youngsters will be urged to email tip-offs on classmates carrying knives to the police in an initiative starting today.

The new warning service comes via the Crimestoppers’ youth website and will allow them to keep their identity secret.

What you do is text or call the police and tell them who is carrying a knife. Be precise. Give an address.

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Man Slashed By Meat Cleaver Necklace

TO Salt Lake City where a man is accused of slashing another man’s face with the meat cleaver he was wearing as a necklace.

In charges filed Monday, police wrote that the man, 22, had called the victim’s girlfriend “bad names” during a fight Nov. 10, and the victim threw his soda on the man.


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Travel Bag With Free Knife

IT’S a travel bag. And – look out! – it’s got a knife

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Mr Sick Joker: Children Stick Knife-Sharp Pins In Babies

THE Sun says HMV is glorifying knife crime – by selling Batman badges featuring the “deadly weapons”.

For £2.99, children, adults can buy a badge of The Joker “framed by a circle of 12 blades”.

“Yet the only warning on the packs said that the pin on the back could hurt babies.”

While Anorak puts that warning to the test, showing a picture of knives to babies and then testing their sensitivity to pain, shopper Nadia Cooke is in a branch of HMV with her 11-year-old sister and 15-year-old brother.

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Paedo Knifers Fight The Taliban

KNIFE crime. Joe Lappin lies dead. The innocent 16-year-old was murdered by a gang, and a knife.

The Star wants to know if National Service is the cure to the knife culture plague?

YES – says actress Brooke Kinsella, whose brother was murdered by a knife.

“If these evil people want to fight so badly, let them fight for their country.”

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or)

As ever the tabloids solicit the opinion of someone still grieving. The idea that murderous lunatics would be welcome into the armed forces is one that should appeal to our enemies.

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