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Reports tie the Invisible Children charity to gay-hostile groups

NEW REPORTS have tied Invisible Children, the charity behind internet smash hit “Kony 2012”, to right-wing groups hostile to gay rights.

Bruce Wilson, of the Talk to Action website, writes:

“Invisible Children, which has branded itself as welcoming cultural, religious, and sexual diversity, also enjoys extensive institutional and social ties to the global evangelical network known as The Fellowship (also known as ‘The Family’) – which has been credited with inspiring and providing ‘technical support’…for Uganda’s internationally-denounced Anti Homosexuality Bill, also dubbed the ‘kill the gays’ bill.”

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UPDATE: “Kony 2012” director detained for masturbating in public

A NEW, close-up video of Jason Russell’s nude meltdown in San Diego has been posted on TMZ. It shows the Kony 2012 campaigner pounding the ground, swearing and shouting about the devil.

Russell is being held in a psychiatric ward. His wife, Danica, has suggested he could not cope with the attention and pressure after his Kony 2012 video went viral and received widespread criticism.

The Ugandan government has weighed in now, too, uploading their own video on YouTube to contest claims made in Russell’s 29-minute long film. “The Kony 2012 campaign fails to make one crucial point clear. Joseph Kony is not in Uganda”, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says in the video.


JASON RUSSELL, the Christian hipster dad behind the “Kony 2012” viral video campaign, has reportedly been hospitalised after masturbating in public and smashing up cars in San Diego.

According to reports from NBC San Diego and TMZ, the 33-year-old co-founder of the Invisible Children charity was allegedly found running through traffic in speedo-like underwear, screaming and vandalising cars. He was possibly under the influence of something.

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The Joseph Kony Invisible Children story in photos

WHEN Invisible Children posted their film about Joseph Kony on the internet, the thing exploded. Kony was big news. Debate raged. A Start The War movement was born. So was the charity’s Jason Russell (arrested for masturbating in public). This is the story in photos:


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Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army, second right, and his deputy Vincent Otti, right, are seen during a meeting with a delegation of Ugandan officials and lawmakers and representatives from non-governmental organizations, Monday, July 31, 2006 in the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Sudanese border. On Tuesday, Aug. 2, Kony, who rarely appears in public, told journalists he was committed to negotiating peace and denied he had committed war crimes. The Lord's Resistance Army is made up of the remnants of a rebellion that began in 1986. The rebels are accused of attacks on civilians and aid workers in neighboring Congo and Sudan, where they sought refuge as the Ugandan army gained an upper hand in northern Uganda. (AP Photo)

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Kony 2012: Jason Russell arrested for allegedly masturbating in public

CAN it true that Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children – the people ho brought you Kony 2012 and aimed to bring back the musical – has been masturbating in public in San Diego? Reports are that Russell has been arrested for allegedly “being drunk in public and masturbating”.

Jason Russell, 33, was taken into custody after he was found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something, according to Lt. Andra Brown. He was detained at the intersection of Ingraham Street and Riviera Road.

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Kony 2012 is now a vanity musical – Jason Russell’s dance video

KONY 2012 is brought to you by the people of the Invisible Children Global Night Commute Musical. It’s a lot like Trey Parker’s Book of Mormon musical, writes Xeni Jardin, albeit sung in the style of a Jason Donovan impersonator doing Michael Jackson Aaron Stewart-Ahn is quoted:

Here’s where the money has been going to: Invisible Children founder Jason Russell’s vanity dance musical numbers which start off with exploitative footage of suffering children. How did no one else catch this? It makes the Kony 2012 video look subtle and sane. He’s basically using this to fund his desire to make ‘Glee’.

This is where the millions are being spent: vanity musicals. Did Trey Parker write this??!! Russell has mentioned repeatedly how his ambitions were to make musicals. I can’t recall where, but he intimated that he was going to make the musical popular again á la Glee, but this didn’t work out—so he ended up in advocacy. Maybe it was that chat at the evangelizing conference? That bit with the t-shirt with the African child on it is just… I’m speechless.

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Kony continues to evads Internet and Kim Kardashian

KONY 2012: The premise for war can be simple: go after the bad guy who rapes and murders. It’s the explanation Tony Blair used to attack the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Serbs and Saddam Hussein. The message became mired in oil and politicking. But the bad man was dealt with by the good guys. Kony is a baddie.

Daniel Finkelstein writes in the Times:

The Kony 2012 campaign is easy to mock, but it shows that there is no longer such a thing as a faraway country

Are you an advocate of awesome? Kim Kardashian is. So is Oprah Winfrey. It’s not too late for you to become one as well. Unfortunately, the action kits with everything you need to take part have sold out. But you can still buy “the ultimate accessory”, a double-sided bracelet, so durable you need never take it off. As soon as it arrives, you will be ready to intervene in the politics of Northern Uganda. A bargain for only $10.

Despite the serious subject matter it was hard, at moments during the film, to suppress laughter. I found a fake newspaper headline — “World agrees Kony is the Worst” — particularly amusing, the language of classroom spat applied to international affairs. Others shared this initial reaction. “Did the internet catch Joseph Kony yet?” tweeted the managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine at the weekend.

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Kony 2012 is more viral than Susan Boyle

KONY 2012 is a hit. The video by Invisible Children aims to stop Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony by bringing his name to a worldwide audience. Job done. Kony 2012 might be the  most viral video in history, according to one researcher; bigger than Susan Boyle singing a show tune on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

The video has been accused of being biased and serving a less than altruistic agenda – Invisble Children are said by some to be evangelical Christians looking for fame and fortune, mired in corruption.

Tumblr blog Visible Children says 32% of Invisible Children’s money goes to direct services, while the rest is spent on staff salaries and other running costs. Invisible Children said 32% was correct but 26% was invested in “awareness programs”. Like many if not all charities, the intended recipient of aid can be lower down the food chain than the donor might imagine.

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Kony 2012 – what really happened when

KONY 2012 –  Invisible Children – the “dream evangelists” – created a viral buzz with a 29-minute documentary on Joseph Kony, the leader of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army. Kony uses stolen children to fight his fight.  Invisible Children want you to notice Kony. On April 20 it will push once more for those in power to help.

Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman:

The visually sophisticated documentary tells the story of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s brutal history in Uganda — it doesn’t say much about Kony’s flight to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic — mostly through the eyes of Jacob, a child refugee whose brother was killed by the militia. At one point, the boy says he would prefer to die rather than to live in the world Kony has made. It hits like an emotional sledgehammer.

And that lays the foundation for the campaign the movie essentially advertises. The nonprofit group behind it, Invisible Children, supports President Obama’s recent deployment of 100 military advisers to Uganda to help its army hunt Kony, a decision that required years of grassroots demands from humanitarian activists. In order to make sure the pressure keeps up, and Kony is ultimately arrested — this year — Invisible Children wants to plaster the cities of the world with red, visually striking KONY 2012 posters, stickers and t-shirts.

The video is essentially a plea to take the campaign viral in time for a planned action on April 20, in which Invisible Children hopes to mass-advertise KONY 2012 that night, globally, so the world will “wake up to hundreds of thousands of posters.” Action kits containing stickers, posters, bracelets, information and t-shirts are going for a $30 donation on the group’s website. And the filmmakers want to enlist celebrities, athletes and politicians for the campaign, everyone from Sen. John Kerry to Bono to Mark Zuckerberg.

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