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The Koupparis Family Horror Show: Twins’ Fox Attack Pictures, Video And Good TV

ISABELLA and Lola Koupparis are bitten by a fox in their parent’s Hackney home a three-story house worth anything between £800,000 and £850,000. Pauline and Nick Kouparris’ nine-month-old twins are rushed to hospital. They recover but carry the scars.

Six foxes are trapped and killed. The parents appeal for privacy in what is the Summer of The Fox. Animal rights activists attack the parents. Others attack the fox.

So. Here are Lola and Isabella Koupparis on the front page of the Sun. They are:


Let’s review the facts:

The Mail:

…Nick and Pauline, both 41, describe in the fullest detail yet the night of Saturday, June 5, when the fox intruded into their £800,000 East London home.

The Sun:

When an ambulance arrived at the family’s £850,000 townhouse the full extent of the twins’ injuries became clear.

Factor in the ghoul element and the house may now be worth more.

Before the “horrifying” pictures, let’s revel in all that gore:

A LEADING doctor told how the razor-toothed fox gnawed little Isabella’s arm down to the BONE.

Dogs, sorry, foxes love bones. And the fox did try to eat the child.

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Koupparis And The Fox: ‘Battered’ Twins, Six Dead And Fox Attacks Cardiff School

KOPPARIS And The Fox: Isabella and Lola Koupparis are back at their parent’s Pauline and Nick’s London home. Six foxes have been trapped and killed (murdered, they say, by a kind of Ripper) in Hackney. The media remains focused:

Daily Mail (front page): “Second twin girl mauled by a fox goes home”

We get to look at “Tiny Isabella Koupparis. She’s 9-months-old and to our trained eyes she looks bigger than average.

The twins were hurt in “the freak attack”. A freak attack that Lord Henley minister at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says might lead to contraceptives for foxes.

And not just any freak attack by one enacted in a “£800,000 three-storey Victorian house”.

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