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Kyron Horman: Terri Horman Takes The Fifth As Police And Kaine Horman Fail

KYRON Horman is still missing. Time for a round-up of the news since Anorak last reported on the case of the missing Portland boy and the police-sanctioned media witch hunt of would-be terrorist Terri Horman (the boy’s step-mother). The police have yet to ascertain if any crime befell Kyron. The case has gone nowhere. The disappearance of Kyron Horman has turned into a voracious media feeding frenzy.

Kyron Horman: The Search Becomes A ‘Witch Hunt’

The Suspects:

Police have interviewed 490 people who were at the Skyline School when Kyron went missing on June 4, 2010. They are not certain they have spoken to everyone.

I think about this case constantly,” said Multnomah County sheriff’s Sgt. Keith Krafve. “Our biggest hurdle: We don’t have the kid, alive or dead.”l

The Divorce:

Kaine Horman, Kyron’s natural father, is seeking a divorce from Terri Moulton Horman. But there is no date for it to happen.

Back in October 2010, Terri Horman’s lawyer Peter Bunch…

…convinced a judge to delay the divorce proceedings for 90 days, arguing that the divorce case should not continue while an ongoing criminal investigation proceeds into Kyron’s disappearance.

This is because the twin cases could…

jeopardize Terri Horman’s Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate herself. Bunch argued that law enforcement are trying to obtain discovery through the civil proceeding for the ongoing criminal case.

Can anyone not agree with Bunch? Kaine Horman has filed an affidavit. In it:

Kaine Horman called his wife an “emotionally disturbed individual” in the affidavit, referred to her failed polygraph tests and claimed alcohol abuse impaired her functioning since the birth of their daughter, Kiara. He said he believes Terri Horman was involved in his son’s June 4 disappearance and wondered if Kiara witnessed “some unimaginable act of horror” that day.

It’s brutal stuff. And it’s on the record. He says:

“It causes great pain to wonder if Kiara was with respondent on June 4, 2010 and witnessed some unimaginable act of horror. Until respondent begins answering questions about the events of June 4, 2010, I cannot support any contact between her and Kiara, even if supervised…

“I believe that Respondent is severely emotionally disturbed and unfit to parent Kiara. Her actions are horrifying and unexplainable,” Kaine Horman wrote. “Kiara’s physical and emotional safety are now at extreme risk.”

The Response:

Such improper and sanctionable actions by Father and his counsel must be rejected by this court,” Houze and Bunch wrote. “The inescapable conclusion is that such actions are not motivated by what is in the best interest of Kiara. … The full extent of the harm to Mother caused by these tactics is far-reaching, unacceptable and likely irreparable.”

The Media (this and the next two sections are written by the True Nelson):

The Sheriff’s Office’s mouthpiece seems to be the Oregonian, in the person of Maxine Bernstein, who it appears, has rather exclusive access. She has been remarkably unequivocal in publishing whatever information she is given, without asking any particularly hard questions. Some of the articles and information published have been unquestionably ruinous to the reputations of Terri Horman and some of her associates. Ms. Bernstein is conceivably comfortable doing this, based on First Amendment protections, and assurances that she has received solid information from the authorities. It is hard to believe that the Multnomah County District Attorney, Michael Schrunk, has not cringed when he’s read some of the Oregonian’s detailed articles. Furthermore, Ms. Bernstein likes to include in her articles, what might be considered personal homilies, like when the Sheriff recently stated that his young daughter asks him nightly when he will find Kyron. Or, that the Sheriff has taken his valuable time to escort Kyron’s biological mother, Desiree Young and her now husband, Tony, to lunch to discuss the case. Relevant or newsworthy, I’m not sure. Ploy for sympathy? I don’t know. Buying time? Maybe. In Ms. Bernstein defense, she is relatively young and perhaps a bit smitten with her inside access. A scoop is after all a scoop. The newspaper business is about selling newspapers – and she seems to be accomplishing that quite effectively.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation, and their requests for additional money, have been somewhat tainted by the revelation that some deputies are receiving as much as $18,000, in a single month, for overtime. Shocking? It was to me.

The Police:

Due to Sheriff Staton’s rather parochial experience in law enforcement, as well as the limited jurisdictional responsibilities of his agency, he has become the unfortunate principal in a complex and publicity-gone-wild investigation. To his credit, he has asked for and received some degree of support from outside agencies, including the Portland PD, the Clackamas County SO, the Washington County SO, the Oregon State Police and the FBI. Nonetheless, he has retained overall control of the investigation – clearly it is his ballgame to win or lose.

The Sheriff, perhaps not entirely comfortable with his celebrity, has – at times – made strange, questionable statements, such as ‘we’ve learned things that we wish we didn’t know.’ As of the latter part of July, he was stating that the stepmother, Terri Horman, was fully cooperating. Even though, it was becoming increasingly apparent to almost everyone that she was an undeclared, even obvious, suspect in Kyron’s disappearance. Nonetheless, with no discernible explanation, the Sheriff has, to the present date, steadfastly maintained that there is no one who is a declared suspect or even a person of interest.

Mysterious leaks, originating with the Sheriff’s Office, or other law enforcement agencies, have hit the news: ‘Terri Horman fails two polygraph tests and walks out of a third;’ ‘Terri Horman attempts to hire a “hit man” to kill her husband, Kaine;’ that Terri Horman’s cell phone indicates she was on Sauvie’s Island the day of Kyron’s disappearance – even though she denies it; and most recently that he, the Sheriff, plans to announce major investigative progress or arrests on or about February 1st – giving no rationale as to why he selected a date which is weeks away. The Sheriff seems compelled to comment with glittering generalities, almost in an effort to appear relevant, but he has been invariably reluctant to elaborate, often falling back on, “I can’t comment on that.” One wonders who is pulling the strings behind the scene. Is it the Multnomah County District Attorney?

The Media Trial:

A potential break in the case appeared when a ‘landscaper,’ who had worked for the Hormans, reported to the Sheriff’s Office that Terri had approached him about killing her husband, Kaine. This dubious allegation referenced an event that occurred many months prior to Kyron’s disappearance. The Sheriff’s Office, anxious to make an arrest, ‘wired’ the landscaper and sent him with an undercover cop to meet with Terri – and discuss the murder-for-hire proposition. When the approach was made to Terri, she was actively mourning the loss of Kyron, or at very least appearing to do so. In retrospect, the law enforcement approach and its timing was, at best, clumsy. Terri was not interested in discussing any alleged murder plots – and especially discussing them with a total stranger (the undercover cop). She called 911 and reported an attempted extortion.

The Marketing Opportunity:

A Portland company that sends coupons to users’ cellphones is helping with the search for Kyron Horman by sending out a picture of the missing boy.

Text No More is an Android phone app that encourages drivers – mostly teens and young people – to stop texting while driving by rewarding them with incentives and coupons from businesses for their good driving behaviors. While a nice gesture from the company, it is a business too. They’re donating $100 dollars to the Kyron Horman Foundation every time a new company is recruited to advertise.

Kyron Horman is missing. Is anyone looking for the innocent boy when all they can see are the parents..?

Spotter and reporter: Cheryl

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