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LA Fitness shamed by twitter campaign – cancels jobless pregnant woman’s contract

LA Fitness has backed down. It took a twitter campaign and the Guardian article to shame the gym into doing the decent thing and cancel a woman’s £360 contract.

The December 2011 letter from an Essex gym rat named Hannah went:

My husband and I have been loyal customers of gym chain LA Fitness for six years. I am seven months pregnant, we are moving 12 miles away from the gym and don’t drive. My husband has lost his job and we are now on benefits. We can barely feed our children right now and can’t afford the two-year contract.

Despite us sending LA Fitness a letter proving my husband has been let go from his job, his employer didn’t use the word “redundant” in the letter, so LA Fitness will not accept it as a valid reason to terminate the contract. I have been told that being pregnant entitles me only to temporarily freeze my membership. Moving away does not apply, as we need to be 20 miles from the nearest gym to cancel. We just cannot pay. HB, Billericay, Essex

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Posted: 24th, January 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comment (1)