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Lady GaGa Is Dead, Presumed Murdered In Copycat Killing (Pictures)

IF like Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal who, allegedly, left victims’ remains behind, or Derrick Bird,  you live in a world where fantasy blends with reality you will warm to the story that Lady GaGa is pretending to be killed and eaten on stage.

Or, as the Sun puts it, she was eaten alive “in front of thousands of schoolkids”.

Lady GaGa Naked (NSFW)

The Star tells its readers just how big a deal this is:


No, not mums’. Mum’s.

Derrick Bird: The Evil Twin Theory (Pictures)

To the MEN Arena in Manchester, where GaGa “strutted in a low-cut basque” as a dancer “bit into her neck, sending fake blood gushing down her chest”. Lady GaGa than “writhed in the gore before slumping down in a death pose”.

The softer parts were then chopped up into mince meats and served as burgers to the fans, and the left overs that could not be made into soup tossed into the River Aire. It’s some act. Lady GaGa gives her all.

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