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Katia Ivanova And Lady Sov Go Lapdancing: Pictures

IT did not take too long for the Star to give up trying to sell orgy makeweight and rolling Stone gnome polisher Katia Ivanova as a stunna with a heart of gold. Heidi Fleiss, who was first out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, sums up Katia thus:


But Katia Ivanova is still filling in holes in the news agenda. The Sun’s Phil Space writes:

BISEXUAL Lady Sov shared an affectionate clinch with Celeb BB pal Katia Ivanova on another wild night out. The pair went to a lap dancing club in London. Sov slipped notes in the dancer’s undies – then gave new pal Kat a goodbye kiss.

Says Fleiss of Lady Sov:

“Unbearable person. Wore too much purple. .. I can’t even look at the vampire fucking teeth… You can have that shit removed.”

Over to you, Ronnie…


Picture 1 of 6

Ekaterina Ivanova and Lady Sovereign leaving Punk in Soho, London.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Ivana Trump To Play Jade Goody In TV Biopic

ivana-trump2CELEBRITY Big Brother: Lady Sovereign is embroiled in a “NEW BIG BROTHER BULLY ROW”  and Jade Goody is back in the guise of Ivana Trump:

So says the Daily Star, which presses the Big Brother buttons with all the gusto of a sex-starved monkey on a hole in a hairy keyboard. Having brought us Katia Ivanova’s sex tape story, the papers now presses F8 and delivers the traditional Big Brother bully episode.

The paper says that Lady Sov is “struggling to cope, just like Shilpa Shetty”.

Admittedly, watching Big Brother can be hard yakka, but Shilpa can take comfort from no longer being on the show.

“It’s Jade and Shilpa hell all over again.”

That’s Jade Goody. And is her name is being evoked, then who gets to play her? The smart money is on Stephanie Beacham, who for all the snootiness is an ex-Playboy stripper last seen romancing Ken Baldwin on Coronation Street’s love barge. On second thoughts, she’s too downmarket. Ivana Trump’s more the thing.

Says Sov:

“I was bullied into making myself look absolutely horrible and that wasn’t the case. Everyone was bullying me except Sisqo and Stephen. I would say the main bullies were Dane and Stephanie, without a doubt.”

Dane Bowers? The Star has evidence:

Stephanie even described her as a “vile creature who has not been brought up well”… Dane raged: “I want to drop-kick her. She’d better be careful because I can tear her down and I’ll do it in front of people.”

As we can see on the straight-to-tissues internet video with Katie Price, Dane talks with his toes. If Bowers drop kicks Sov, let’s hope he’s wearing a contraceptive sock and has trimmed his nails.

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