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Lalita Tati was murdered by capitalism, local custom and hunger

LALITA Tati is the seven-year-old Indian girl abducted and then murdered. Police have arrested two men, Ignesh Kujur and Padam Sukkuboth, “poor farmers”, for the crime. The claim is that Lalita Tati was murdered because the killers wanted to please the goddess Durga and secure a good harvest.

Lalita Tati was watching TV at her family home in Jailwara, Chhattisgarh, in central India, when she was snatched. One week later, her parents found her body. The liver and heart were missing.

The Sunday Times says:

Lalita is believed to have been targeted by the farmers, Ignesh Kujur and Padam Sukku, because they were in a feud with her father, Budhram. They suspected him of casting black magic spells…

Reason 1: the killers were warding off bad magic.

The case was initially treated by police as a suspected rape and murder and the girl’s father was questioned.

Reason 2: not rape and murder.

Filled with remorse, however, the farmers wrote to him, allegedly confessing and offering cash in compensation for the loss of his daughter. A village meeting was called and the police were informed.

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