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Katie Price Kidnapped On Twitter And Peter Andre Does Stand Up

3269166KATIE Price and Peter Andre Divorce – Katie Price kidnap terror, Peter Andre is a comedy genius, Jordan is dead and Katie beats Peter in Twitter poll…

Last night sentimental Peter Andre appeared on ITV2 in Peter Andre: Going It Alone and showed us that he is almost never alone. Peter spent most of the show touching his face, hugging anyone with reach, finding his niche in the Ikea bedding department and looking like an ambulatory bereavement card.

So alone is Pete that he spent only marginally more time on camera than his manager Claire Powell, who affected an air of a middle aged Claire Rayner, the media’s former favourite agony aunt, albeit less likeable, informed, interesting and charming.

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Laurie David’s Inconvenient Tennis Court

laurie-and-larry-davidLEAD Al Gorean Laurie David – ex-wife of Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David and self-proclaimed “global warming activist” – would be expected to have a robust sense of humour. Laurie meet Larry. It turns out that she does and is an expert in irony:

SELF-proclaimed environmentalist Laurie David is once again paving over protected wetlands in Martha’s Vineyard to make improvements to her Chilmark estate.

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Tea-Bagging And Porn In America

TEA Bagging. Everyone who’s anyone in the US is doing in.

and what is tea-bagging?


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Katie Couric Pulls Larry David On Jury Appreciation Day

ON Radar, via reporting on Jury Appreciation Day:

[newsreader Katie] Couric added that the line she likes best about jury duty was uttered by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who said, “It’s a great way to pick up guys.”

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