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Fresh-Faced Larry King Tells Piers Morgan To Shut Up

LARRY King invites Hello! and its readers to look over his massive pile high in the Beverly Hills hills.

When we first encounter Larry he’s sat on a step in the garden. He’s affecting the look of a young boy pulling a cutesy pose for his proud mum and dad. To his side sits his eighth wife, Shawn. Like Larry, she too is chucking herself under the chin with a clenched fist. The pair look unnaturally youthful and bright, like a Norman Rockwell painting you can plug in. Between them are sat their two boys: Chance and Cannon. Larry King is 77. Chance is young enough to offer an explanation as to his name; Canon is the boatings of an old man who still can.

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Larry King Goes And His CNN Staff Sink With The Ship?

THIS week’s gone from bad to worse for staffers at CNN’s Larry King Live, writes Anorak’s Man in LA.

Less than 24 hours after the shocking news that their on-air leader would soon retire from the nightly grind, they were rounded up by telephone for a conference call with CNN-US president Jon Klein.

We expected a pep talk,” one person who listened in on the Wednesday call tells Our Man. “What we actually got was a clear message that if we’re under contract, we’re expected be here until Larry says his last goodbye.

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Piers Morgan Replaces Larry King At CNN: Thank Robert Green

PIERS Morgan is replacing Larry King as the face of CNN chat. The four-year-deal is said to be worth $5,5milion. And you can thank Robert Green.

So. Piers Morgan leaves for the US. Another Simon Cowell judge, Cheryl Cole is reported to be heading over there. And in exchange all we need do is instruct Robert Green to let America win the World Cup game with England 1-1.

We win!


Picture 1 of 14

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Joe McElderry and Piers Morgan (left to right) during the National Television Awards 2010, at the 02 Arena, London.

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Larry King: These Documents Claim He Pretends, Lies, Misleads And Two-Times (Pictures)

LARRY King, Shawn Southwick King and Rama King are in the news. Talkshow host Larry King confesses: “I lie – pretend – mislead… I will have 2 or more women going at the same time.” Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

Clearly, Larry King has issues with women.

After all, less than two weeks ago, he and Wife Number Six, Shawn Southwick King, engaged in a race to see who could get to the courthouse first to file for divorce, each reportedly accusing the other of certain extramarital activities.


And based on documents obtained exclusively by Our Man in LA, Larry is his own toughest critic when it comes to the way he handles intimate relationships. (These documents seem to be authentic. But King or his poeple have yet to comment on their veracity.)

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Family Of James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Victim Kirby Brown Meet Larry King

james-ray-larry-kingTHE James Arthur Ray Sedone sweat lodge story rumbles on. This week, Larry King meets the relatives of Kirby Brown, one of the three who died in the James Ray sweat lodge.

Anorak’s Man in the Hollywood Hills takes up the story:

WHAT makes the situation interesting is the fact that the “Larry King Live” executive producer is known to have had a business relationship with Ray in the past, reportedly.

Apparently, the producer was so taken with the philosophy of “The Secret,” that she focused at least two episodes of King’s show on the subject, and personally booked James Arthur Ray as a guest.

But wait. There’s more.

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CNN Created The Michael Jackson Ghost

YOU know that Michael Jackson ghost at Neverland? Well, it’s an impersonator ghost.

Well, it’s not. CNN created the ghost when a crew member walked (surely moonwalked? – ed) past a light.

File this report under Beyond Parody as Larry’s TV man in the know gets excited about seeing his rot on  TV. Let’s make up news, people:

Michael Jackson Attraction: The Ten Best Neverland Experiences

Michael Jackson’s Nurse Denies Stomach Pump Claims

Micheal Jackson’s Debbie Rowe Claims News of World Interview ‘Fake’

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Jay Leno Poses For Susan Boyle Album

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s looks at Britain’s Got Talent agonist Susan Boyle in the news, with Jay Leno as Susan Boyle…

Susan Bolye is now on every US TV host’s to do list. So far Susan Boyle has been patronised by Anderson Cooper, Larry King and will very soon be touched by Oprah Winfrey.

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Susan Boyle Sings On Larry King: Video

SUSAN Boyle Watch: She’s live on Larry King live…

Anorak reader Cheryl in the US writes:

Anderson [Cooper] carried more on her tonight (right on after Larry King) but mainly repeating what Larry King said and he also showed her singing the song from the Titanic

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