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Noisy Popcorn Eater Shot Dead At Black Swan Screening

A MAN was shot during a screening of Black Swan at a Latvian cinema. The story goes that he was killed for eating his popcorn.

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Aryan Day In Riga

blonde-day-8IN Riga, Lativa, they had a Blonde Day.

The local politicos called it a “success”? Could it ever fail?

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Hospital Fetish Restaurant Opens In Latvia

IN Latvia, hospital are better than they are in Blighty. Well, they have beds, and porn.

The provision of hospital beds in Britain has plunged in the past eight years to one of the lowest levels in Europe. The number of beds per person has dropped 14 per cent since 2000 – to below the rate for Latvia, Estonia and Macedonia.

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In Latvia The Economy Is A Police Matter

LATVIA. It’s getting to be like the UK:

Well, times are hard all over the world, but Latvia has introduced a new twist in dealing with the crisis in the financial markets; Dmitrijs Smirnovs was arrested by the Security Police for taking a pessimistic view of the Lat.

Since Latvia has a free press this promptly became front-page news, which probably did rather more damage than Mr Smirnov’s original comments, and he’s a free man. Oh, and Latvia is negotiation with the IMF for some assistance with the emphatically wonderful state of its financial markets…

Damian Green makes no comment…

– Chenier

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