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Laurence Richard McGinn Accused Of Biting Face Off Liverpool Clubber

IN Liverpool, Laurence Richard McGinn, 28, allegedly, has bitten off part of another man’s nose, bits of both his ears and a lip outside the Funky Box night spot.

PC Stuart Moore told Liverpool’s licensing committee, who have revoked the club’s booze licence:

“It is horrific, sickening and it is almost barbaric, what takes place. The footage shows a fight between two males. The victim and the assailant could be seen brawling in the street. Both males fall to the floor and there’s a struggle. A second male appears to be protecting the people involved to make sure the fight continues and the assailant starts reigning blows. There are nine consecutive punches while he lies on the floor. The assailant can be seen to place his head down by the victim. He starts eating away at his face and his head. The male has had his two ears bitten off, part of his nose bitten off and half of his lip bitten off. The attack reminded me of a lion wrenching the flesh off a gazelle.”

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