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Spurs fans knifed: Lazio and Roma fans have been getting away with it for years

ASHLEY Mills, 25, from Brentwood, Essex, was with around 30 other Spurs fans having a drink in Rome’s Drunken Ship pub ahead of Tottenham’s match with Lazio. At around 1am, as many as 50 people masked in motorbike helmets and bandanas attacked. Armed with pepper spray, knives, cobblestones, knuckledusters and staves they set about the drinkers. Nine Tottenham fans, including Ashley’s brother Bradley, 30, who had been coughing blood, and an American bystander were also taken to hospital. Mills was stabbed in the groin. The blade severed his artery. His life was saved by 19-year-old Alberto Di Giovanni.

“When I saw what happened, I went to the bar to help. I told the barman to close the shutters to prevent anyone else coming in. I saw the first body. I called an ambulance because he was not breathing well. He was face down, choking on his blood. I facilitated his breathing and turned him over.Three English guys brought Ashley. They said, ‘Help him.’ His leg was bleeding. I held his head and tried to stop the bleeding. I talked to him to try to stop him going into shock. He did pass out three times. He woke up and swore up at me. I said, ‘Keep it coming…’ ”

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Is anyone going to do anything about racism in Italian football?

SS LAZIO have always been branded as racist or fascist. Not too long ago, Paulo Di Canio gave a straight-arm salute from the Lazio pitch and publicly defended himself by saying “I am a fascist, not a racist”. Of course, very little was done to remedy this.

Lazio were also the club of Benito Mussolini. “Il Duce” even built the ground the currently play in. And when Di Canio gave his shameful salute during the Rome derby of 2005, Mussolini’s daughter was in the crowd and chirruped; “What a delightful Roman salute!” after the game, adding: “I was deeply moved. I will write him a thank you note.”

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