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GTA5: Looks like it will be life ruiningly large

EVERYBODY who plays video games – and that’s rarely pasty loners picking crumbs from their cracks in their mum’s basements because things have changed significantly in the past two decades – is incredibly excited about the imminent Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 (or GTA5 or GTA V to everyone else).

Previously, GTA improved with increasingly decent soundtracks, improved gameplay and such. However, GTA5 is a different ballpark. It looks nicer, has an eye-watering amount of new things to do and, it will be social life cripplingly large! WHICH IS EXCELLENT NEWS!

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Posted: 12th, September 2013 | In: Technology, The Consumer | Comment

Arsenal ‘fine sheet’ leaks online: Mertesacker plays the German banker

ARSENAL aren’t known as the strictest, toughest of football clubs, which may or may not be underlined by the leaking of a sheet of fines and penalties from the club.

Gary O’Driscoll – he’s one of the club’s doctors – apparently took a photo of the sheet. However, after he used a file-sharing website (naughty), the photo ended up being leaked and shared around online.

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Posted: 23rd, January 2013 | In: Sports | Comment

Show-off Kanye West not so keen on sex-tape release

DESPITE the fact Kanye West’s little yeezy has appeared online already, he’s not so thrilled at the notion of a sex-tape of himself doing the rounds in public. And to think, this coming from a man who is hopelessly devoted to Kim Kardashian, a woman who became famous overnight after starring in one of the most lifeless sex-bouts ever to burn itself onto the public’s collective retina.

Numerous sites reported the existence of this tape and something of a bidding war began, with figures going into the millions.

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Posted: 24th, September 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Police leak Rihanna photo to TMZ, but get off the hook?

LEAKING pictures to the press is, obviously, very common indeed. If you get them by hacking an email, you’ll get thrown in prison. But what happens if you’re two police officers? Well, there’s a whole issue of betrayal of trust, misusing a position of power and, generally speaking, acting immorally when you’re supposed to be a moral guardian.

Well, the two cops who allegedly leaked the photo of Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown will not face criminal charges, officials have said.

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Posted: 2nd, July 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Lady GaGa’s Version Of White Christmas Is Leaked AND SHE’S ADDED HER OWN VERSE

SHE may be better known for making barnstorming enormopop and wearing outfits that Grace Jones may get jealous of, but to anyone who has even vaguely followed the career of Lady GaGa, you’ll know she’s got a sappy side.

And with that, there’s been a lot of talk about a Christmas EP coming our way from Mother Monster called A Very GaGa Holiday. Guess what? One of the songs from it has leaked online.

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Posted: 23rd, November 2011 | In: Music | Comment (1)

Madonna Isn’t Happy About New Track Being Leaked

THE music industry isn’t the same as it once was. The main difference is that the industry itself isn’t in control of what is released, how you obtain it and where you listen to it. Basically, it’s watching the rug being pulled from under its own feet and some of the old guard just don’t know what to do.

The most recent example of this is Madonna and her leaked ‘Give Me All Your Love’ demo hitting the internet this week. And she really isn’t happy about it. And of course, you can hear it below to anger her further.

Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary has said the singer was “very upset” that a demo had leaked, spoiling the ‘surprise’ of new material from her upcoming album.

“Madonna told me this morning ‘my true fans wouldn’t do this’… whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop!” Oseary wrote via Twitter. “I’m very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!!!!!!” he added.

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Posted: 10th, November 2011 | In: Music | Comments (2)

Amy Winehouse And Tony Bennett’s Duet Appears Online – Have A Listen

HAHAHA! Wasn’t it funny when a young woman died after battling with the pain that once made great tunes ended up eating her whole! Really funny! She wasn’t even in her thirties! WHAT A RIOT! AMY WINEHOUSE WAS MENTALLY ILL! HA HA HA!

Of course, it really isn’t funny when a young talented woman dies, but if it wasn’t for our collective gallows humour, we’d probably spend all day crying.

We may still have our chance to weep like emo-babies because it’s pretty obvious that Amy Winehouse’s record label will be eyeing up a load of half-assed demos and looking at making a pretty penny on them. That said, not all posthumous releases are going to be lame as a short clip of the leaked Amy Winehouse duet with Tony Bennett has appeared online.

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Posted: 23rd, August 2011 | In: Music | Comment