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One Direction’s Harry Styles in nude photo leak? Really?

WOAH! There’s a picture that is supposed to be of Harry Styles, with his wang-direction hanging out, floating around online. Effectively, it’s what every child in Britain has been waiting for. It’s what every adult woman has also been waiting for, but can’t say so, for fear of arrest.

The photo itself shows a naked young man stood in front of the mirror.

Crucially, the face is obscured by the camera flash, but that didn’t stop fans from shrieking about the mop of brown curly hair and dog tag, similar to that which Styles has been seen wearing in the past.

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Posted: 11th, January 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Tori Spelling’s Boobies Get Leaked Online By Accident! Photos

REMEMBER Tori Spelling from Beverley Hills 90201 (the original series)? She was the blonde airhead one who we weren’t supposed to like. Well, the apple didn’t stray too far from the tree because Tori is the airhead daughter of the very famous American TV producer, Aaron Spelling.

He gave us Love Boat, Hart To Hart, Starsky & Hutch, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels and, you guessed it, Beverley Hills 90210.

Anyway, Tori’s husband decided to tweet a picture of his child with a rolling pin on its head for some reason and, blammo! There they are! In the background! What appear to be the vaguely famous Tori Spelling’s breasts.

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Posted: 18th, November 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment