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Bradley Manning: Nobody likes a grass and other views on the celebrity leaker

free manning

BRADLEY Manning has been found guilty of betraying his colleagues in the US Army and the people they fight for by leaking thousands of classified documents. He has been convicted of espionage and 20 charges of all but not of aiding the enemy.

Some, views:


…if our secrets are entrusted to the likes of Bradley Manning, best we not keep too many of them…

The “aiding the enemy” charge was always weak, since Obama doesn’t seem to think we’re at war with anybody. Manning isn’t really a “whistleblower,” though, since he didn’t even know what was in a lot of the stuff he turned over to Wikileaks, and when he did know, it was often stuff like troops’ personal information.

The most damning piece of news he got out was that we entrust secrets to idiots like him. I’m sure they’ll do better with your healthcare information. . . .

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Posted: 1st, August 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment