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Megan Fox Makes Michael Bay Look Young And Dumb

megan-foxMEGAN Fox opens her mouth and to prove they are not staring at her cleavage, hacks takes down every word she says.

Editors print it because what Megan Fox says can be illustrated with a picture of her skin.

Now, Megan Fox says her Transformers’ director Michael Bay created a film “not about acting”.

Says Bay:

“Well, that’s Megan Fox for you. She says some very ridiculous things because she’s 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do…”

Bay is 44 years young. Says he:

“Nick Cage wasn’t a big actor when I cast him, nor was Ben Affleck before I put him in Armageddon. Shia LaBeouf wasn’t a big movie star before he did Transformers — and then he exploded. Not to mention Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, from Bad Boys.”


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Posted: 3rd, July 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comment