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Antisemitism: Right, Left And Islamists Agree to Hate The Jews

ANDREW Bolt shows us this cartoon from The Age. It’s drawn by Michael Leunig. It shows Jews as Nazis. Offensive. Of course. When millions are murdered in a “final solution”, the losers ar forced to give up their fight but not always the ideology.

As Bolt says:

It’s actually not the offence caused to Jews that I find the most disturbing aspect of this slur, but the vilification of them as Nazis themselves – because when your enemy is a Nazi, what are you then entitled to do in “resistance”?


Today the Community Security Trust released its report on antisemitism in 2009. It is the most depressing report ever, with levels of attacks on Jews and and antisemitic harassment – both verbal and physical – at a level not witnessed in this country for generations. Indeed, the 924 cases reported reflect an increase in over 50% from the previous record high in 2006…

The Report sites the war in Gaza at the beginning of last year as a “trigger event”… (T)he question remains why British Jews – of all religious or ethnic minorities – alone are targeted in connection with foreign events. People do not rampage through Soho’s China Town smashing the windows of Chinese shops whenever there’s some incident in Tibet… But Jews, particularly those who appear ‘visibly’ Jewish, have to go on the alert if violence erupts over 3,500 km away…

Another part of that story may very well be the creeping acceptance of antisemitism on Liberal/Left circles when framed in an “anti-Zionism” context and the gradual merging of far-Left and far-Right narratives. The source of the attacks and abuse seems spread fairly evenly over far-right white supremacists, and Islamists and leftists.

First they come for the Jews…

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