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Lessons Learnt From The Raoul Moat TV Show: Viewers Demand Televised Death

THE TV show that was Raoul Maot’s death continues to get rave reviews. The death of a bouncer is always a sad moment. It was only a disappointment that Sky News didn’t kill him to add a sense of dramatic closure to the endless build up. Any repeat of this and Sky News will fall out of favour and more of us will watch the highlights package on ITV.

And what does it mean for the license fee if we can’t see a man blowing his face off and get a health warning and number to call in case we feel sick?

Anorak thinks Sky should offer a premium-premium rate service. For an extras £5 a month, you can see the bullet entering Moat’s head – or whoever the Fugitive is.

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Posted: 24th, July 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment