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Leveson Inquiry: Hugh Grant Bleat, Milly Dowler’s Parents Suffer And Mark Lewis Asks The Key Question

MILLY Dowling’s parents and Hugh Grant have been giving testimony at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards. The news is on the front pages of the:

Daily Star: “Day We Thought Milly Was Alive – Parents of missing schoolgirl reveal phone-hacking torment”
Daily Mirror: “After desperately praying for their missing daughter Milly, her mum finally got a breakthrough that convinced her she was safe. She turned to husband Bob and exclaimed ‘She Is Alive!”‘
Independent: “She picked up her voicemails, Bob. She is alive!”
Daily Telegraph: “‘Bob, she’s alive.’mother’s false hope after Milly’s phone hacked”

Other papers focus on the celebrity. The tabloid’s winning mantra ‘If it bleeds it leads’ is overshot by the lust for celebrity news.

The Times: “A celebrity’s story: Grant accuses Mail on Sunday of phone hacking”

The Guardian: “Grant’s stand: ‘If these are straight balls I’d hate to see your googlies’”

Hugh Grant may have been a victim of the phone hackers, but does anyone really sympathise with the rich star? We are more interested in Grant’s sex life than his testimony? If the actor revealed a titbit of news on his private life, that would take precedence over his words on press standards. Grant’s story lacks all the pain of the Dowlings experiences at the hands of the News of The World’s spooks. Their daughter, Milly Dowling, was the victim of a crime. The paper interfered with an ongoing investigation – an investigation carried out in climate of press and police collusion. Why was Dowling spied on? Why did the police not know – and if they did know, why did they not stop it? Who trained the tabloid spies?

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