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John McCain Responds To Meghan McCain’s Twitter Cleavage

mccain3WHO knew that John McCain and Sarah Palin’s failed White House bid would give the world two new soft core porn stars: Levi Johnstone and Meghan McCain?

The man who would have been Palin’s son-in-law Levi is to pose for Playgirl magazine. And Meghan McCain has posted this Twitter pic of her peering over a cleavage and holding a book about Andy Warhol.

If you look at those breasts it’s just an unfortunate tableau. They aren’t breasts – Meghan McCain is just standing behind her dad, who’s discussing Earth Day with Rudy Giuliani. But too late.

The web goes bonkers:

“Meghan McCain Twitter Photo Sparks Controversy”Wall Street Journal.

“The concept of simply not posting pictures of her breasts is not one she is familiar with” – Alarming News.

“Hot and Dorky!” – BuzzHollywood.

“Meghan’s 15 minutes have long since expired. I’ve never minded a gal ‘with a little meat on her bones,’ as we say down home.” – Robert Stacy McCain

Meghan reacts:

“so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut, this is” – Meghan McCain

Meghan retracts:

I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic, I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.-  Meghan McCain

“Holy mother of pearl!! If she did not think that photo wouldn’t cause a stir, she is living in la la land. Geezz! Are those things real? I mean really. This photo was more than sweat pants and a tank top. Surly she looked at it before posting it. It’s mostly two gigantic melons barely contained by a piece of fabric” – CNN

It’s affecting Meghan’s Journalism:

A Fox NFL Sunday skit made vicious fun of Jessica Simpson’s weight. Meghan McCain says cheap shots like that are harmful to women of all shapes and sizes – Meghan McCain, Daily Beast

A Writer Writes

“Writers who develop organically have time to grow a thick skin. With each job advancement comes more attention and more criticism. But just as Sarah Palin was dropped into the middle of a presidential campaign with little time to prepare for such a high-profile role, McCain was thrust into the spotlight without having developed a solid political philosophy — or the callused ego one gets from enduring the slings and arrows fired by the public each day” – Matt Lewis, Politics Daily

Miley Cyrus Was Right

“Meghan McCain says she plans to “get the fuck off Twitter” since so many users of the microblogging service are hating on a maverick picture she posted of her maverick cleavage. Oh, please. She’s a fameball. She’s going nowhere” – Ryan Tate, ValleyWag

No Comment Is Still A Comment

“Meghan Mccain Twitter Photo: Who Cares? – Ontario Now

Wail Bait

“But the Twitter indiscretion has also become the new career move. Obviously McCain knew that her rack was loud and proud in that photo; she also knew it was fabulous follower bait” – Off The Grid

The GOP Gawp

“Meghan McCain exposes her cup size on Twitter — maybe Republicans really are out of ideas” – LA Times

“Ms. McCain’s photo did trigger some criticism. “If @mccainblogette is the future of the GOP, we’re gonna have to get much more serious about real issues like glitter, fabric, and unicorns,” tweeted Danny Coles, a self-described “enlightened, charming and disarming twenty-something conservative” in Washington, D.C. “Come on, you were taking a picture with your cleav as the centerpiece — on purpose. I don’t care, but let’s be honest” – Wall Street Journal

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