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Fight library closures and ignorance with this librarian action figure

Librarian-Action-Figure censorship


Libraries are in peril. Those places of leaning – dry, warm sanctuaries from the cut and thrust of life, where you can sit and think without any need to hand over cash – being closed. Struggling to balance the books, libraries are throwing them away.  It’s not been all bad news. Books are being saved by volunteers.  New libraries are opening. But the trend is towards less of them. In the last seven years one in six of all Wales’ libraries have closed.

Libraries need a hero. And here she is. The librarian action figure is based on Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl. She has “a removable cape that symbolizes how much of a hero a librarian really is.”

Spotter: Open Culture

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Stanley O’Neal And Google V Robert Peston Puts The Case For More Libraries



WANT to manage your reputation on Google?

On June 29, the Sunday Times reported:

MEMBERS of parliament, celebrities and public figures who try to whitewash their reputations by demanding Google remove embarrassing material from search results will have their requests turned down. The European Court of Justice ruled last month that individuals can demand Google and other search engines remove material that is no longer relevant or out of date.

Google has already had 50,000 requests to remove data and started removing links from search results last week.

However, the company considers that the ruling does not extend to public figures who want to remove potentially damaging material from public view.

An MP seeking re-election and an actor wanting details of an affair with a teenager are among the individuals who have made take-down requests. The Sunday Times understands such applications will be refused.

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Apple conspired to keep e-book prices artifically high as libraries die

BOOKS are not just objects to buy and trade. The BBC reports on a ruling that Apple “conspired with publishers to fix the price of electronic books”.

And those are the electronic books that thanks to convoluted copyright rules you are not permitted to pass on to friends, as you can with an actual paper book.

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Idiots move to ban people from nodding off in libraries

THUMBS DOWN and BOO to the burgers of Iowa City Public Libraries. Library director, Susan Craig, says she and her colleagues are moving towards a ban on sleeping in the reading rooms. Says she:

“People sleeping in the library disturb other people. It makes them uncomfortable, particularly if they are laying down on a couch. If there’s a 20-year-old college student with their head down on their textbook they need to be treated the same way as someone who is dressed in a way that someone may assume they’re homeless.”

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Save our libraries: there are no plans to reopen them

SAVE our libraries! They are full of free learning. They are one of the few indoor places you can sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet without having buy something. You can pick a book up and flick though it. Each book was created by someone else. Reading let’s you see into their mind. Books help you to understand life better. Libraries allow people to read books they cannot afford to buy. They are one of the few things taxes pay for that improve us.

But they are closing.

I grew up in Brent, north west London. Kensal Rise library — opened by Mark Twain in 1900 — is being closed. The High Court has agreed that Brent council can shut six of its twelve libraries.  Sir Michael Holroyd said: “The wanton destruction of the Kensal Rise Library is a gross act of philistinism which will bring lasting shame to all involved.”

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