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Libya: How Iran And Syria Got Away With Mass Murder In Lockerbie

LIBYA – billed on the BBC TV news as a cosy “Conflict” and not a proper war, is a pathetic escapade based on emotion and greed. The anti-Gaddafi forces are called the “rebels“. But the real rebel looks more like Gaddafi. Madame Arcati takes a look:

WHILE Britain, America, France and other mighty nations play space invader games over the Libyan Desert, nudge-winkingly plotting the overthrow of the unloved Gaddafi, my mind keeps turning back to Private Eye‘s late and celebrated investigative reporter Paul Foot and his well-argued alternative view of the Lockerbie atrocity.

In 2004 he wrote in The Guardian: ‘The Lockerbie bombing was carried out not by Libyans at all but by terrorists based in Syria and hired by Iran to avenge the shooting down in the summer of 1988 of an Iranian civil airliner by a US warship.’

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